Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Babyproofing Is Helpful, Too

I could see it happening: If I set this cup of water down, Lauren would zero in on it, pull it down, and cause a huge mess.

I had just filled the cat’s outdoor water dish from a red plastic cup, and seeing that the cat needed food as well, I lodged the cup in a plant stand by the back door on my way to get the food. The cup was still half full of water, and I reminded myself NOT to tempt fate by leaving it there.

Then, the phone rang. Or I needed to use the bathroom. Or I saw something sugary. Whatever the case may be, I forgot about the red cup of water.

Until later in the afternoon, when my disaster-seeking 11 month old pulled herself up to the plant stand, dislodged the cup, and flung water across herself and the kitchen.
While I mopped up the mess, she grabbed the bag of cat food I had also left unattended, and began shaking it enthusiastically.

I stared her down from across the room. She narrowed her eyes at me during a pause from shaking, daring me to stop her. I could hear the music from old western gunfights (WhooEEEEooooEEEEoooooh...mbwah, mbwah, mbwah). I raised my hand as if to stop her from dumping the food…she raised the bag higher, waiting for my next reaction…

And I smiled at her ability to keep me on my toes.

I am, after all, entirely too lazy.

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