Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sticker Crazy

We had a pretty lazy day around here yesterday, so Mia got out her Valentine's Day loot and found a page of stickers. She's learning how to peel stickers off the sheet all by herself (manual dexterity, and all that) and hasn't been too good at it, so I paid no attention to what she was doing. Usually I step in when she gets overly-frustrated, but I kind of forgot she was doing it, because she was so quiet this time.

When I finally did check on the situation, this had happened.

Poor Lauren couldn't figure out what was on her face, and she kept blinking really hard to dislodge whatever it was. To no avail. Helpfully, I took some video of her blinking (Oh, come on! It was really cute!) before I removed the biggest sticker from right between her eyes.

Mia was undeterred. She moved on to her daddy, who was at the sink washing dishes. She chose the most available space to decorate.

I, also, was unable to escape her tour of decoration.

Upon seeing how gorgeous her mama looked with the strategically placed stickers, Mia wanted some for herself too. So great was her joy in posing, that she had difficulty standing still long enough for a picture to be taken.

Lauren's bullseye was soon replaced, and she was none too happy with the addition.

I hope you had a highly sticker-ed weekend, too! But if that wasn't in your cards, I hope it was a good one anyway.

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