Saturday, February 7, 2009

Night of The Waking Babies

I have been getting entirely too little sleep lately.

When I used to give Lauren one last feeding late at night, I'd stay up until then, getting myself to bed around 11:00 or later. I rejoiced when it came time to cut out that feeding, knowing that I was reaching the end of my sleepy rope. I promised to put myself to bed by 10 PM, hoping for 9:00 some nights.

But, it appears that I have gotten used to the 11:00 bedtime. 10:00 rolls around, and I'm reading just one more page, commenting on one more blog, having one more snack, washing a few more dishes (pfft...). I'm so enjoying my quiet adult time, that I can't bring myself to cut it short. So I go to bed, not even being terribly tired most nights.

Then in the morning. Oh, in the morning - I feel dazed and cranky. Desperate for a few more minutes of precious sleep. Wondering how long the baby will talk happily to herself before she demands to get out of bed.

Knowing how I feel after a too-late night, I always resolve to get to bed earlier the next night.

Last night was one of the nights that I actually succeeded in reaching my goal. I was ready and snuggled in bed by 10:30, not too much earlier than usual, but every minute counts as far as I'm concerned. It didn't hurt that there's not a single show on Friday nights that I'm interested in watching lately. (Or that we don't go out much. Lame - but satisfying.) I think I was asleep by the time my head hit the pillow.

Cut to 2:30 AM...Lauren's crying, only for a few minutes, but enough to get me completely awake. I wander out to turn off the kitchen light Justin left on after he fell asleep on the couch (he likes to mix it up a bit). I fall back asleep 20 minutes or so later.

3:00 AM...Mia's crying, her fever is back with a vengeance, and she's burning up. I get her some Tylenol and water, and hope for the best.

3:15 AM...Mia's crying, I bring her in bed with me where she puts her hot hands all over my cool arms, hands, tummy, and face. No sleep for either of us.

4:00 AM...The Tylenol has kicked in and Mia's starting to cool down...she wants to talk and roll all over creation (as in, all over mama). I put her back in her own bed, where she falls asleep quickly. I, however, am awake, thinking about how hungry I am.

4:30 AM...I just drift off for a few minutes when Lauren starts crying again, this time without calming down quickly. I go check on her, fix her blankets, and come back to bed. Lauren starts talking and playing in her dark room. I cannot sleep when she's babbling so.

5:30 AM...Lauren finally goes back to sleep. So do I.

7:00 AM...Both girls awaken simultaneously, as if they had conspired against me. The day begins.

So, it all works out to me getting about three hours less sleep than I would have gotten on a normal night. Operation: early bedtime for mama...failed.

Join us next time, when I try to wake Justin from the couch. It ain't pretty.

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