Friday, February 6, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Mia is better today: Her fever hasn't gotten above 101 yet. When the medicine kicks in, she's acting happy and healthy, but when it wears off? Watch out - because if her temperature creeps up over 100, she's a writhing mess. Poor thing.

2. We ran to the store this morning to grab a few necessaries, and I had Lauren wear a new pair of pale pink suede shoes. When we got there and I opened her car door, she tossed one of the soft and weightless shoes out into the 30 mph gusting wind. As I chased it across a few parking spaces, my shirt billowed up around my chest. I had to make the decision of either grabbing the shoe before it flew further, or putting my shirt down so the people in the Jeep Liberty across from me wouldn't see that my pants are far too low and my tummy is far too white (among other things). I chose the latter, and had to run even further for the shoe. When I finally got it back, it was stained with dirty parking-lot scum. Sigh.

3. This morning in the shower, I was so tired and distracted that I lathered up some face wash in my palms, and applied it directly to my just-washed hair.

4. Lauren has been trying to crawl on her hands and knees for the past few days! Instead of her usual army crawl, she actually sticks her little rear in the air, and pulls up until her belly's off the floor. She's only made it a few 'steps' at each try, but she looks excited about it, and it's adorable to see her rocking and dancing when she's so happy with this new talent.

5. Remember when I was so excited for Lauren to start army crawling? You know, so she'd not get so frustrated about being immobile? So she'd have some independence and not need someone to entertain her all the time? Ha. Ha. Now that she can reach me on her own, she just pulls herself over to my feet and scratches at my toes...crying until I pick her up, give her my fingers, and let her walk. The girl is desperate to walk. Almost as soon as she could scoot around with her own power, she was already bored with it. Walking, though, that's the ticket. If only she could walk...then I'll be complaining of her wanting to climb...

6. I need to dust this house like a dog needs to howl at midnight sirens. Straightening is my thing when it comes to housecleaning - I'm no good at actual deep cleaning. Spring is just around the corner, though, so I'd love to dedicate a whole weekend to some serious cleaning and de-cluttering. Cobweb hunting, lampshade dusting, refrigerator scrubbing, baseboard wiping cleaning. Who's with me? As in, who will help me?!

7. I'm very proud of my husband this week for working so hard to teach part of an RCIA class. He put a lot of thought and effort into his topic (Communion of Saints) and I know it meant the world to him to be able to serve in this way. As a bonus, he even got some compliments from some of the students, saying how much they enjoyed his class. Well done, babe. Well done.

Have a nice weekend!

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