Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Where Does She Get This Stuff?

This blog is quickly turning into a running dialogue of Mia's days. And I'm fine with that - she says the funniest things. It makes me glad that I get to stay home eating donuts and watching cartoons all day with the kiddos.

I'm kidding! We don't watch cartoons all day! As for the donuts, however...I can't help it. I might benefit from a donut intervention.

Anyway, just now Mia said to me, "I need help to find some clothes, mama, because my heart hurts."


Is this a ploy for medication?

I realized this weekend that I am actually grateful for her being a Tylenol fiend. We had to give her the concentrated baby Tylenol since we are out of children's Tylenol. It wasn't pretty. Apparently, it's "too yucky!" and we almost never got her to take it. I'll settle for her licking the little dosage cup clean rather than try for 45 minutes to have her finish less than half a teaspoon of medicine. It was torture - for her as well as Justin and I.

I'll settle for her sweetly saying, "My....armpit hurts, I need some Tylenol, please?"

Tylenol is to Mia as Donuts are to Mama.

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