Monday, January 26, 2009

Almost Back To Her Old Self

It was a long, feverish, meal-lacking weekend over here. Mia is better - but by better, I mean whining at record levels. Her attitude is always a bit sour after being sick, so I know she'll snap out of it soon and get back to her conversational self.

I've had a few glimpses of conversation with her so far today. This one was enlightening and intelligent:
"Where did my things go, mama?"
"What things babe?"
"My other things. Where are they?"
"I don't know, sweetie, what did they look like?"
"They looked like my other things, mama."

Then there was this at lunchtime. Also clear and clever:
"When I finish my lunch, I can have some M&M's, right mama?"
"That's right, babe, just eat some lunch, and you'll get some M&M's."
"No, I don't want lunch!"
"Well, then you don't get your M&M's."
"No, I don't want M&M's!"

See? Hope is on the horizon.

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