Friday, January 2, 2009

From the "Better late than never" files

Mia got Christmas Eve started by putting on the Christmas dress she'd been begging to wear for weeks. I really should've let her wear it sooner, to justify what it cost. But it was special this way, since she'd been looking forward to it. She wore it all day, and chose some particularly stylish socks:

Just FYI, my house isn't really that messy. I strategically placed those key items to imitate a "chaotic holiday" effect. Looks natural, huh? I'll come to your house and set up backgrounds for your photos, too. For a small fee, of course.

That night after church, we went to Aunt Sherry's house for the real chaos to begin. I always love it when the entire family is together, and Christmas Eve was no exception. It was tons of fun. Lauren tried not to get lost among the wrapping paper, while Mia tried on her new tu-tu. (Too-Too?? Tuu-Tuu?? Muu-muu?? Froot Loop?? Wha..??)

Mia handed out hugs as needed to thank everyone for their gifts. She loves her Aunt Joy!

On Christmas morning, we had the Grandparents over for breakfast. Mia was so tuckered out from the night before, that we had to wake her up at 8:30 so we could open presents. How badly do I wish I could sleep in until 8:30? Or not; maybe I'd feel like the world had stopped spinning or something.

The girls both enjoyed the company and their gifts. Mia was really excited about her Madeline doll - Thanks Grandma Sue! The dollhouse that daddy stayed up late assembling? She wasn't too concerned with. At least it doubles as a bookshelf, so we have someplace to store all the presents. This is always the hardest part of Christmas for me: finding places to keep the new stuff. Geez, what troubles we endure.

Later, we went to Nana & Grandpa-Pie's house, where I took exactly zero pictures. Imagine: more presents, more wrapping paper, Eric, Emily, and Evie Joy, two proud grandparents, spaghetti lunch, naps on the couch.

It was a wonderful holiday.

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