Sunday, December 28, 2008

Weekend Update

Lauren has gotten three more teeth lately! It's made for a fussy time, and I hate seeing where the new tooth bulges under her skin. It looks so painful. That's 4 teeth in the past 3 weeks. Torture.

She'll look so big with a mouthful of teeth. Then comes the walking, longer hair, talking,!

Somebody stop me.

Anyway, we've had a lazy weekend here recovering from the holiday. Mia woke up the day after Christmas with some fever/vomit bug. What a present! She's still not completely over it; she's been feverish and cuddly ever since. It's not too bad though, and for that I am sooo thankful. It's enough work to clean up after Christmas without cleaning up "the yucky" too.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Now get back to work!

Or not. Who am I to talk?

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  1. How fun to read another mom to a toddler and baby gushing. Love it!

    Thank you also for your precious words on my post about our Uncle Dennis.


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