Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Christmas Gift

This morning, Mia has been feeling kinda puny. I'm trying not to blame it on a lack of nutrients from last night's dinner boycott. Breakfast was a success, though, so hopefully we're headed in the right direction.

She's been wrapped up in a baby blanket, snuggling whenever she gets a chance. Usually, she's pretty go-get-em, so the cuddling is nice.

When I sat down earlier to nurse Lauren, Mia crawled up on the couch with us, lifted my free arm around herself, and leaned her head right close to Lauren's. This has never happened before. Even in the beginning when she was clearly jealous of the new baby, she never snuggled with us; usually it was more yelling and fit-throwing. Attention getting things. So this was precious! Lauren was smiling while nursing, (one of the cutest things in the world) and Mia was giggling. They were playing with each others' hair, holding hands, and just generally enjoying each other.

I haven't asked for any specific gift this Christmas, but I think I have already gotten the best one; that two-daughter snuggle. It's not easy to physically nurture both girls at the same time, but this morning, as it happened, it was the biggest blessing I think I could have gotten.

Occasionally, there are these moments that take my breath away. Moments that bring tears to my eyes and make me fantastically happy. Moments I think God sends to me so I won't forget to savor the precious children he's entrusted to us. Moments that are heavenly.

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