Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Monudental Occasion

I'm sorry. Truly, I am. That pun was uncalled for. I have too much of my mom in me to pass up such an opportunity, though.

Mom? Love ya!

Anyway, Lauren's 1st tooth is through! I can see it! Poor thing, she's the sweetest girl, and I've barely even noticed any fussiness. But what little there is, I'm attributing to that tiny razor-sharp tooth. The one right next to it seems to be pressing up too. Yay!

So chewing those cheerios is about to get a lot easier. Not that it's too difficult without teeth - she just slobbers on the thing until it cries uncle.

I just think those two little front bottom teeth on babies are so cute! Mia's first teeth were the top two, so this will be something new.

I'll take the tooth brushing drama that's about to come our way, happily. And I'll probably look back on that sentence in a year or so, thinking, "dumb old girl!" But for now, I'm excited.

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