Monday, April 29, 2013

The Requirements

for childhood:

Mud.  A great lot of mud, squished between fingers and painted-on like gloves.

Sunshine.  For lighting your palms when filled with earth.  For seeing.

Puddles.  To step into with socks and toes and shins.  To splash through with screams.  To wash away the doldrums that accompany ceiling-topped rooms.

Shorelines.  For wandering, exploring, traveling, and dreaming.  For pirating and charting.  For setting sail and washing up.

Wind.  Because when it combs its fingers through your hair, you begin to fly.  And when you've begun to fly, the world cannot stop you.

Bravery.  For shoring you up and buffeting you forward and surrounding you when you're afraid.

Hugs. To keep your heart safe and your giggles replenished.  To hold you back and lift you up.

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