Tuesday, October 23, 2012

If The Hulk Were Made of Dirt...

Since I cannot seem to grow anything in a garden, I get very excited about potted plants.  A little too excited, it would seem.  Because although I'm sure these pillowy autumn mums needed soil in which they could thrive...
I'm certain they didn't need the INCREDIBLE EXPLODING SOIL...
Which it appears I have used.  They were planted beautifully, sprinkled with water by my helper-daughters, and left to settle in overnight.
That's when it rained.
And the soil duplicated itself in triplicate.  The soil fancied itself to be a bodybuilder, perhaps, and pumped itself up in obscene proportions.
Note: when the bag of potting soil proclaims that it expands to hold extra moisture, take it at its word, m'kay?  Elsewise, your strained pots and engorged mums will be purging for days. 


  1. This is hilarious and 'freakishly' beautiful. I think you've started a new trend!

  2. Somehow appropriate for Halloween... ;)


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