Friday, September 7, 2012

7 Quick Takes for September

1.  My brother and sister-in-law have some chickens.  I try to be brave around them.  Mostly that means not peeing my pants when one of them charges me.  But they are really awesome, because: EGGS!  Chickens are undoubtedly not demons, I just need to overcome my urge towards fight or flight when one of them stares at me with its beady eye.

2. Meet the new Quaker Oats spokesboy: 

3.  Evidence of little-girlhood travels with me in the back seat.  I might be one of those women who, when her children are grown, fills her vehicle with stuffed animals.  I always thought a rear dash full of beanie babies was proof of insanity, but now, I think I have the right of it: these are women who miss their children and all the toys they used to haul around with them.  That empty space must be filled.  Enter: beanie babies.  But you should feel free to tell me I'm being ridiculous when that day comes.  I'll just go home and play with my cats and birds and ferrets, so it won't hurt my feelings too badly.

4.  Meet the new Frying-pan-as-shower-accessory spokesboy:
(When I posted this photo to Facebook, my cousin Julie quipped: 'What in the world goes on at that house?!'  I still don't have an answer for her.)

5.  This is an iconic, end-of-summer, late-of-day photo, right?  Girls -- cousins -- chasing across fields, away from the lowering sun.  Can you hear them yelling?

6.  This man is my husband.  I know; I still can't believe it's true, either.  The charisma, the charm, the tenderness....all mine.  It's okay to be jealous.
7.  She reads.  I swoon.  The end. 

Conversion Diary has the Quick Takes -- but you know this, right?


  1. These are all great - love the little peek into your world! With you on the chickens...eek! And love the three girls running - priceless!

  2. Chickens freak me out too. Like, a lot!


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