Thursday, August 23, 2012

Unblinked {A Bigger Picture Moment}

"Lauren, your hair is getting so long again!  It's grown down past the tops of your shoulders now, huh?"
"Yep!  It's veeeeery long.  So much longer than before." 
"Do you remember when you cut it yourself?  In your bedroom?"
"Uhm-hmm.  I remember..."
"Do you want to get it cut again?  I mean, not you cutting it -- that was crazy! -- but at the salon?"
"No!  No, no, mama, no!  I want it to grow and grow, and I'm not going to ever get it cut again."
"Never?  What about if it gets bubble gum stuck in it?!"
"Mo-oom.  I won't get bubble gum in my hair!"
"Okay.  But why don't you want to get it cut ever again?"
"Because I want it to grow as long as Mia's is.  Silky and long and pretty, just like Mia's.  Mia, I'm going to look just like you!"
A dragonfly zipped past, a wind blew over, a chlorinated splash splashed, and the girls hugged their arms behind each others' backs.  Feet rippled little girl reflections into twin distortions.  A cloud floated under the sun, a shadow lingered.
And I refused to blink. 
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  1. So sweet, the love of sisters. I hope it lasts them a lifetime!

  2. My second child is due in nine weeks. My husband and I have always wanted a son (we have a daughter) and lately I just keep getting bombarded from all directions with sweet reminders of how amazing it would be to have another girl and raise a pair of sisters. Thank you!

  3. That picture alone, and then the words... such sweetness :)

  4. Oh that was precious, and yes of course I cried! It was the last line that got me!! I wish I had never blinked!!!!!

  5. mmmmmm.....a sweet sisterhood that will sustain them all their lives through. This is such a blessing.

  6. I just love the sisterly bond! It's happening lots at our house. Just about the epitome of sweetness, I think! Your girls are lovely. :)

  7. Oh, the sweetness. They're such good sisters!

  8. This was so beautifully captured, words and picture wise. And I pray that they always love each other this much.

  9. Awwww...the sweetness of sisters. Funny thing is I remember that post about her do-it-herself haircut. Wow! Oh, and I wish I had hair as long as Mia's too. :-)

  10. A perfect conversation! What a moment.


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