Wednesday, August 8, 2012

There's No Place Like {This Bit of} Home: Alita's Tour

While our family is moving into our new house this week (eek!), I'll be sharing some guest posts! But not just any guest posts -- this week, we'll get to nose around in other people's spaces. Haven't you always wanted to see exactly where your favorite bloggers live? In-depth snooping around where they cook or clean or play or work? I hope I'm not the only nosy one!

Today, my sweet friend Alita of Alita Jewel's Treasures is giving us the grand tour of her home.  And she's doing it in classic Alita style: with stunning photography.  It's easy to let her images speak for themselves!  Enjoy!


  1. As always, Alita, I could stare at your photos all the day long -- and I have! There's so much sunshine here, yellow and gold. Thank you for sharing your home with us!

  2. Ditto. AND, I LEARN so much from looking at those photos all day long! I love how you've woven the thread of the yellow flowers through each collage...stunning.

  3. Black eyed susans are my favorite flower. I have a huge flower bed full of them. So during July and August there are multiple bouquets in the house. They are such happy flowers! The print on the wall is an original by Maegan Beishline. I saw it on her blog and I just HAD to have it on my wall. Thank you, ladies! My house is a bit barren. I'm looking forward to expanding our "style" in years to come. Fortunately I married the man of my dreams so I have many years to add to the collection of the Maini house. xo!


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