Friday, July 27, 2012

Wish Us Luck!

Today is the day; now is the time!  We're closing on our new house this afternoon, and all of these boxes (and SO many more...) will be loaded on the truck.  We'll be moving all weekend, and taking the next week to make the final transitions, so any prayers for a bump-free weekend would be appreciated.  Oh, and maybe some temperatures that are less than triple-digit, although it doesn't look promising.

I don't like to sweat.

Therefore, moving will be a tremendous blow to my sense of cool cleanliness.

But (eeeek!) we're all so excited!


  1. Yay, so excited for you guys!! Sorry we can't help out, will be saying some prayers for you though and definitely for cooler temps blech, this is not fun house hunting weather!!! Good luck!!

  2. Luck, my friend! Though you look organized and ready, so you've made your good luck already. Keep your eyes on the glorious path ahead!

    (for the temps - start early, have a siesta and work late)

  3. Exciting! Yet so not fun to do the moving... But yay! Hope that the weather forcast is wrong :o)

  4. Good luck! In the chaotic state of our move, I didn't take any pictures. I really regret that, so my advice is to remember to take some breaks for deep breaths and photo ops!

  5. Hooray! Hooray! Oh, I'm so excited for you guys! Good luck getting settled in and so many congratulations!


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