Wednesday, July 25, 2012


You got yourself into this mess,

son.  But don't worry.

You're too, too cute, gnawing

on a fallen apple slice,

for me to leave you trapped

for long.

I will always be your rescuing mama

in exhausted, shining armor. 


  1. Love the photo! And I have been on a few {interesting} rescue missions over my 25 years as a mommy...they get - let's see, what would put a positive spin on this - intriguing as the years progress. And more infrequent. But, alas, no less exhausting!

  2. Ah, the exhausted shining armor is the best. Lucky little guy.

    (I remember my three year old in those under chair moments. Sigh.)

  3. {Landon, this is me virtually hugging you.} :)


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