Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Who Wants Some Cake? THIS GIRL!

I believe the real reason we have birthday parties is so that we can have some cake.  Right?  I mean, every day is an affirmation of the progress of time -- the shadows move down the wall at the same pace every day -- so we have to differentiate the celebratory days from the regular days with something special.

Enter: cake.  I'm a fan of cake of all sorts.  As long as it's sweet, it's on my to-devour list.  So when my Bigger Picture Blogs friends decided to throw a birthday party to celebrate our TWO years of community, I immediately yelled three words:


Thankfully they agreed, and one week from today -- next Wednesday -- we'll be sharing CAKE here at This Heavenly Life!  I hope you'll stop by then to see what we're all baking up!  And please, please, share YOUR cakes, too!  You'll be able to link your cake posts so we can all get giant sweet-tooth cravings in anticipation of Bigger Picture Blogs turning TWO!  Share a cakey recipe just for the occasion or even head to the nearest cupcakery and snap a photo of your sweet indulgence.

Either way, your linked post will enter you for a special birthday giveaway! 

Whattaya say?  Will you join us for cake in honor of great friends, creativity, and community?  I hope to see you next week as we party like TWO year olds!

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