Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The 6-Month Old-Boy

This little lovebug is six months old now.  It sounds as ridiculous to me as saying I graduated from high school 12 years ago.  But it is true.  And there's something about six months that says baby rather than infant.  The distinction is slight but when it siphons into my heart, it feels mountainous.

He doesn't cry with an indecipherably thin wail anymore.  He grunts with boredom.  He whimpers with hunger.  He squeals with laughter.  He mumbles with sleepiness.  His voice carries intent that my ears can finally understand.  There is communication happening.

He tells jokes with punchlines of burbling spit bubbles and bumbling raspberries.  When he smiles, it seems to be because he is proud of the smile.  He is pleased with himself, rather than amused by the wildly animated human doing tricks before him.  And his is slow to unfold.  Gritty and halting.  Though his smiles are effusive, his laughter is restrained somehow.  He is a tough crowd.  But he is a cuddly crowd; a relaxed crowd.

His eyes are diligent and alert, shining with soft caramel centers and circled by deep gray-blue -- an exact combination of his parents' eyes.  Justin crows with pride that one of our children finally seems to be heading towards brown eyes rather than my bloodlines' trademark blue.  We both crow with pride at every single molecule of this boy's being.  A while ago, I sat in front of Justin after we'd gotten all the kids to bed and said Thank you.  THANK YOU for giving me this sweet boy. Feeling poured out of my heart and bled into my words, and we laughed at my motherish exultation.

Landon is my dollbaby.  He is my cuddlebug.  He is my precious, my loverboy, and my bubbakins.  And he is growing, and I am present.  And we are happy.


  1. Wow--6 months went by fast from this side of the computer! He is adorable.

  2. Such a beautiful boy. I didn't realize our babies were so close in little girl is 7.5 months!

  3. Six months?!?! No way! Next thing I know you're going to say Mia's getting her driver's license.

    He really is adorable!

  4. He's big and bright eyed and looks ready to take on the world. These miracles are gifts to watch unfold. Happy half birthday little one, don't grow up too fast.

  5. He is completely adorable! Enjoy--this year truly is flying by!

  6. He is such a cute little guy. I'm so glad to hear you are enjoying this season of his babyness.

  7. Oh goodness, Sarah! I've been such a horrible blog friend lately! I was itching to see what your family is looking like now and am stunned by their beauty. Your girls are gorgeous and this little boy is adorable! Now I've got some reading to catch up on to see how you're all doing! :)


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