Friday, February 24, 2012


InstaOne: I know, in my strict-mother heart of hearts (that place which is so rarely heeded), that I should put a stop to this.  But Lauren just likes to chill in the baby's carseat, and it makes me smile.  Interpret my subconscious yearnings as you will, but this baby girl IS TOO still my baby. 

InstaTwo: Mia waits at the crosswalk like a bull waits in the pen, usually.  The crossing guard always stands RIGHT there, ready to block Mia from dancing forward inattentively.  Because those cars zoom past at ultrasonic speeds, man.  I love the matching red stop sign and backpack in this one.  Like the flag that waves to tempt the bull... 

InstaThree: This boy squeals and I'm sure he's yelling to the world of his unbounded love for his mama.  I mean, I'm SURE of it.  What else would he have to say so loudly, after all?  Besides get that phone outta my face, lady!  PICK. ME. UP!

InstaFour: We've had what can only be described as THE PERFECT false-spring here this week.  Daffodils have begun to bloom in the sunny warmth and we get to walk to school to retrieve our kindergartner instead of driving through a frigid circle-pick-up.  There is no end to Lauren's joy at a sunshine-filled walk.  And she loves to push the stroller.  I say 'loves to', but what I really mean is 'demands the right to'.  There is no middle ground here. 

InstaFive: For BPCaptures, our Wednesday inspire-a-photo challenge at Bigger Picture Blogs, the prompt this week was Sacrifice.  And on Ash Wednesday, all I could think about was the cross.  This was the only part of St. Mary's Catholic Church in Joplin that was left completely unharmed by the tornado.  It was strong against the wind.  Now, everything around it has been demolished, but the cross, she stands.  It catches every eye as it's the only eye-catcher in that area anymore.  But also because: Jesus is there.

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  1. Ohhhh, that cross picture, friend. That it's the only thing still standing there, it's like something out of a book or a movie.

  2. I had no idea about that cross. How beautiful and comforting!

  3. It *is* amazing, guys. It gives me chills every time we drive past. I heard (no confirmation yet) that the city will be building a park/green space area there around the cross as a memorial. Wouldn't that be awesome?


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