Monday, February 6, 2012

A Day in This Heavenly Life

I'm so excited to be participating in Simply Rebekah's Day in the Life project!  Her instructions were to take one photo for every hour of the day, and share our daily lives in small, captured bursts of time.  I had an incredibly hard time taking only one photo per hour once I got started.  This was so much fun, reminding me of all the tiny, insignificant, yet beautiful bits of life in my day. 

I hope you'll go see what the other participants have shared!  And I hope you'll show me a day in YOUR life!

7:00AM - Justin does breakfast while I sleep in.  He's the best thing in the world.  And he's mine.

8:00 AM - Landon's awake, and the first order of business is a diaper change, of course.  This little guy is usually ALL smiles on the changing table.  Sadly, the large, black contraption snapping photos caught his smile and turned it into a tight-lip of concentration.

9:00AM - I finally have time for breakfast while Lauren catches up on Sesame Street and Landon is back down for a nap.  This is my favorite.  I'm old-lady-chic.

10:00AM - Oh, the chores.  Our dishwasher runs every day, sometimes twice.  It's obscene.  Also, I go barefoot.  A lot.  Also obscene. 

11:00AM - Lauren empties a bag of fuzzballs (technical name) to separate them into colored categories.  Pretty!  Plus, they entertain her while I nurse Landon in the bedroom.  Imagine my expression as I enter the room to see a floor covered in balls.  Life is fun.

12:00PM - Lunch. This time, I'm little-kid-chic.  I genuinely love peanut butter and strawberry jelly, especially when it's on soft, homemade bread.  Lauren has the same, but she prefers store-bought wheat for her sandwiches.  I can't for the life of me understand...

1:00PM - The Blessed Naptime.  It is sacred.  Don't disturb me while I'm reading young adult dystopian novels... 

2:45PM - The elementary school pick-up line.  Thankfully, it moves quickly while we wait to see our Mia. 

3:30PM - The weather was positively spring-like, so scooters NEEDED to come out and play.

4:30PM - Also, we aerated the garden...sometimes with nothing more than our dirty little fingers.  There was lots of hand scrubbing to be seen next.  And would you LOOK at those dirty jeans?!  So much for NOT washing clothes after each wearing to decrease my daily allotment of laundry.

5:00PM - Leftovers for dinner!  Minestrone and fresh-grated parmesan with more homemade bread.

5:30PM - Dinner of another sort.  This boy is a dream-come-true to snuggle with.  Only he likes to talk more than he likes to nurse, so our sessions are surprisingly quick.

6:30PM - The nightly wrestling match.  It builds character (and a readiness for bedtime, post-haste).

7:30PM - If you never did, you should.  These things are fun, and fun is good.  Dr. Seuss is a rediscovered favorite for this kindergartner.  She loves being able to read so much of it herself.

8:00PM - We're tiiiiired, yo.  (Again with the fascinating black contraption, mom?)

9:00PM - Computer hog Justin is working on a paper for school.  It's a good thing he's cute.  And smart.  But I miss the internet. 

10:30PM - The chores are neverending.  I love waking up to a clean kitchen, though, so it's not too irritating.

11:55PM - Howza bout a little shut-eye?  Yessssss.....if only I wouldn't stay up so late reading, the midnight wakings might be less of an adventure in sleepwalking.  But I'll sleep for at least an hour before Landon makes a peep.  It'll be my own fault if I'm cranky tomorrow, although I'm usually surprisingly chipper these days.  It's all the baby smiles.  They're fuel.

That was my day!  How does it compare to yours?  Do you wear shoes more than I do?  And how do you discipline yourself to STOP reading/writing/social-internetting in order to get a good night's sleep? 


  1. Landon looks like his sisters! I will be looking for that book. I always need more to read. And the minestrone looks delicious!

  2. now we need recipes for the soup and the bread! :) and yeah... as for bedtime? lately I've been making myself turn off the computer/close the book by 9 oclock on MOST nights. i have 3 kids as well and they are right around your children's ages, so yeah.... i need my sleep. but it's so easy to prolong those long evenings and make them turn into late nights making it hard to greet the day with a smile the next morning.

  3. At least if your in the kitchen barefoot, you have cute feet to be barefoot with :o)

    Fun to see a day in your life!

    my hubby is the same way as your Lauren, he likes store bought bread better than homemade! Hes so weird! Though your homemade bread looks like the crust is much softer than mine ever is... Whats the secret?

  4. Loved reading this...our days are quite similar! I also have an amazing hubby to lets me sleep in most mornings while he takes care of our toddler! I am barefoot almost all the time too and the laundry, yeah, it's never ending!!

  5. I loved this glimpse into your every day life, Sarah. It's bright and colorful and full of happy smiles!

    Great idea for a project!

  6. I love that PB&J photo! It is silly, but I think that one is my favorite.

    Your descriptions cracked me up. I love the sarcasm and honesty. (Ex: I miss the internet.) :)

    I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  7. YAY for a heavenly day! I'm going to have to do one of these, now!

    Also, Landon looks a lot like Mia in that Serious Changing Table picture.

    And also again, YOUR HAIR looks gorgeous!

  8. We have those fuzzballs all over our house! They spread like wildfire.

    it is so hard to shut thing s down and go to bed! I've been working on the past few months, but I still stay up late more often that I should.

    Love the nightly wrestling match. Fun memories for your little ones.

  9. Ha! I am almost always barefoot too I have developed a distaste for socks!

    Love it, and it looks oh so similar to my day!


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