Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bigger Picture Moment: Holding Hands

"Look at this, Sarah: he keeps pushing his hand into mine.  He's starting to know how to touch things."

Oh, that's adorable!  Hold on, let me grab my camera.

"Did you ever think...what was it?...almost 12 years ago?...when we met, that one day we'd have all these babies?  Or that it would be so LOUD?"

Or that we'd love them so much? *click*  Hold still!  *click*

"Daddy!  I want my hand on your hand, too!"

Alright, climb on up here.  Mama, take him for a minute?

"C'mere, sweet baby.  Now you have to hold very still, okay, Lauren?"  *click*  "Perfect!  Come see!"

Hey, what are you guys doing in here?  Hey, what's that...HEY!  Take my picture, too!  See how long my fingers are?!

"They're long just like mama's, Mia.  So very pretty." *click*

Mama, hold YOUR hand up, too.  And...but who can take a picture?

"Here, Mia: hold it in this get a little that.  And when you're ready, push this silver button.  Right.  Okay, ready?"

*click*  I did it!  Daddy, I know how to use MAMA'S camera!

"You did great, baby."

Now can we look at all of them again?

"Everyone hop on Daddy's lap."

LauREN! You're on my hair!  Scoot...scoot!


Now, see?  Here we all are.

This month for Bigger Picture Moments, we're encouraging you to explore the beauty and simplicity of LOVE. Let the Valentine's hearts and rosy colors cloud your words as you share your moments -- a memory, a confession, a proposal, a feeling -- and link up.  Hyacynth is hosting today; please head over to share your moment and read others from friends as we live intentionally through February!


  1. Such a treat - brought a huge smile to my heart. You capture not only some wonderful memory saving photos, but so many layers as you write about the moment...From a baby's beginnings of the awareness of touch, to a youngster's beginning photo career. From the memory of where you "all" began, to the living of the present moment. Really, really loved this!

  2. That is SO adorable! What a sweet moment.

    I love how you included, "LauREN! You're on my hair! Scoot...scoot!" Because that's how these things always go down.

    It's heart-warming to see you loving your family so. Such sweetness.

  3. Awww!!! Oh my goodness. Melting! I'm dying here, of the sweet. That last line: "Now, see? Here we all are." Beautiful.

  4. Oh Sarah, this is one of my favorite blog posts. Not just on your blog, but EVER. Everything about it -- in the moment itself and in your recording -- is perfection.

  5. So. so. sweet. Love it. That is so frameable...... and what a moment.... Sigh! One you just want to bundle up and tuck in your mind forever. :)

    (You've been tagged :) )

  6. This made me sigh.....sweet as can be!


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