Thursday, January 5, 2012

YOUR Favorite Moments from 2011

Today is the day we usually pour out our hearts at Bigger Picture Blogs and share the moments that have helped us glimpse a bit of the most important things in life.  The joys and frustrations and worries and realizations and exhalations that make life life. 

But instead of writing something new today, we'd like for you to head over to Bigger Picture Blogs and link up with your own favorite Bigger Picture post from 2011.  Something you wrote that has continued to resonate or that you wish more people had gotten a chance to read.

My own favorite post will be up over there later this week -- so far we've already shared Hyacynth's and Melissa's -- but in the meantime, I want to read yours!

So go on -- tell us:

What was your favorite Bigger Picture Moment from 2011?  Please link it up so we can rediscover your moment!

And thank you thank you THANK YOU to everyone who's become a part of the Bigger Picture Community for sharing your lives with us this year.  I'm so ready to see what 2012 has in store for all of us, together.

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