Wednesday, January 25, 2012

To Inspire and Create

I don't know why I haven't mentioned this yet, because it's really put some fun into the bleak winter days around here.  Want to banish the bleak at your place, too?  Good!  Then follow me!

Each week over at Bigger Picture Blogs, we're doing a little bit of creative inspiration for your day.  Every Wednesday, there'll be a prompt -- a word or thought -- that we hope you'll use to inspire and create through photography! 

Here are some of the photos I've captured for the project since we've begun:

It's so much fun to go through the day trying to find ways to make the prompt come to life in a photo!

I'm using Instagram, but if you use Flickr, Facebook, or just good ol' blogging, that's perfect too.  The idea is to inspire creation, not demand compliance, so do what you like!  Check out the prompt each week and see what's going on on the Bigger Picture Blogs Facebook page to see everybody else's entries. 

I hope you'll play along! 

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