Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Baby on Aisle Three

The hardest part about shopping with a baby (one who isn't being worn in a sling) is that at the end, there is no place to put the FOOD in the cart.  Still, even though the cashier always looks at me crooked when I attempt to fill 2 square feet of storage space with 4 square feet of groceries, I don't mind.

I like a challenge.  And I like to pretend I'm baby-shopping. 

I'll take THIS one, please. 

What was your day like today?  Any cramming of impossible amounts of goods into tiny spaces?  Any baby-shopping?


  1. No baby shopping for me. Did go grocery shopping and bought what felt like an absurd amount of groceries, but then there are 8 of us. I barely fit all of the bagged groceries back in the buggy to get to the car.

  2. You are so funny! I'd take that one too, he's pretty cute!! And my day involved grocery shopping with a little one too....was able to drop big sis off at school go to the store and make it home all with enough time for Aubrey to have a nap and me to shower before picking up sis from school @ 11.....I'm pretty sure that is THE quickest trip I've ever made(and I wasn't even trying!)!

  3. Yup. My girls have just decided they don't like the car carts (best invention ever though a six year old barely fits). Who knows how I'll shop in the near future. It may go like this, honey, please get... Which explains why I just laid in a ridiculous amount of unperishables.

    He is adorable.

  4. I would take that one, too! He's ADORABLE!

  5. Hes so CUTE! I put my two older girls in the back of the cart and my baby in the front. Sometimes my son wants to ride so he rides on the bottom :o) We get quite the looks and lots of people saying "Wow thats a cartful!". I pile the groceries around and on top of the kids. Once the cart starts getting to heavy I kick my son out of the bottom. Not sure where baby number 5 is going to fit.


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