Saturday, December 17, 2011

On Serving Her Majesty, Queen Mia, a Royal Breakfast

HMQM: Oatmeal!  I want oatmeal for breakfast!

Me: Good choice!  Do you want it white or brown?  (Royal code for 'made with milk or water'.)

HMQM:  White!  And I want it to be three inches of sweet, okay?  If it's only ONE inch, just add a cup of brown sugar.  Then, if it's only TWO inches, add another cup.  Then when it's THREE inches, it will be sweet enough for me to eat it.

Me: ...okay...

HMQM: And I would like some fresh, cold, ice water and I want to have breakfast in the living room so I can watch my Barbie Christmas movie.

Me: ...bowing...scurrying to complete my task...wondering how to measure inches of sweetness...


  1. Oh, I think you just DID measure inches of sweetness!

  2. Long live the Queen! Inches of sweetness, indeed!


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