Friday, November 25, 2011

Tiddly Bits

:::  Oh, Thanksgiving.  It went like this: baking all morning while the baby napped restlessly, joining the extended family for late lunch and elbowing each other through the food line to hurry up!, partying our way through the annual ping-pong tournament, holding a (still) restless baby (and finally downloading a white-noise app to my phone to help him take a tiny nap,) trying one bite of every dessert...twice, congratulating my ping-pong winning husband, rolling home in a food-and-fun stupor, and falling into bed. 

There was a lot of thankfulness twisted into each piece of our day; I was utterly, perfectly, exhaustedly happy.

::: Do you ever read Sarah at The Unwrapping?  I don't know how to explain...but...she kind of blows my mind.  I leave there feeling intimidated by her perfectly gorgeous writing, and thinking I should just stop writing altogether if there are people out there like her...  I vow not to return too often because my heart can't take the ache of knowing how my words compare to hers.  And then I think: why is there a comparison?  We're different.  That's okay.  She's lovely.  I'm...different.  Stop fretting.

So I go back again and again because she pulls me there, and now I need to take you with me.  You should read this.  And this.  Go!  Shoo!  (I mean, as soon as you're done here!)

::: Now, for something a bit more serious.

If you've tried to call my house lately and I haven't answered the phone, don't feel bad:

You're not alone.  I don't answer the phone these days.  And since this 19 has been flashing on our screen for over a week now, I assume the memory is full and the elderly messages are all, now, obsolete.  I'll delete them eventually so more can take their place...

Don't call here, I guess. I'd hate to disturb the thick layer of dust that's coating our telephone. 

::: Hello, handsome.

::: Now, since all THREE of my children are currently in the closed-eye position (due, no doubt, to an overindulgent and looooong Thanksgiving yesterday -- hooray for holidays!), I think I'll take up the pose as well.  G'night. 

Er, G'day.



  1. Your phone made me laugh! I'm hardly ever getting to the phone these days either. I forgot to check voicemail for like 2 weeks.

  2. oh, sarah, thank you so much for your words about my writing. as someone who suffers pretty constantly from low self confidence about my capabilities, bits of sincere encouragement can truly alter my outlook. i mean, it's lovely when my mom says she enjoys my writing....but coming from someone outside my family circle...and from someone whose writing i admire greatly....well, it affects me in an entirely different way. you have no idea. or, maybe, perhaps, you know just what i'm talking about. anyway, thank you, from the deepest place within my writer's soul.

    your thanksgiving sounds wonderful. i am glad to hear you enjoyed the day. and -- a white noise ap? really? cool. when my newest one arrives i am sure i will be looking that one up. yay, technology! :)

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I'm just called I didn't try to *call* you to wish you a happy holiday this year -- geesh! NINETEEN MESSAGES??? I don't even know nineteen people!

    Miss you, lady!

  4. your phone looks like my nightstand....yay! I'm not alone!

    Handsome baby for sure.

  5. Em - Rest assured: those 19 calls are not all from different people! Half are probably my mother, many are probably telemarketers, several from Justin's mom, and a few from friends.

    And most of those people will still love me despite my terrible return-phone call habits :) I hope...

    But I WOULD have returned a Thanksgiving call from my favorite resident of Japan. I have my priorities straight.

  6. Oh tiny baby days and holidays. So fleeting and so long at the same time.

  7. Well, with a sweet boy like that around, I wouldn't bother answering my phone either!


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