Friday, September 23, 2011

Some Quickety-Quick Takes for September

1.  I was rudely awakened yesterday morning by what appeared, by all accounts, to be labor.  Now, I've never had pre-labor before.  With both girls, things happened all at once, and there was no doubt as to whether or not labor had begun.  So when I felt contractions that hurt and came regularly before the crack of dawn Thursday, I was convinced.

Using the restroom didn't stop them, laying down didn't stop them.  They were real.  I'd mapped out who I'd call for help with the girls.  I'd decided how to break the news to my sleeping husband.  I'd begun picturing this baby boy in my arms within a few hours.

So, of course, they stopped an hour and a half into the excitement.  And I was mad. 

But yes, I have to admit, it's nice to know that something's happening, and that pre-labor is a step in the right direction.  Right?

2.  One of the things that occupied my swirling mind while I timed contractions was that I'd not yet compiled a labor playlist.  I've been meaning to ask you guys for help in this area, since I have a terrible time recalling what songs I might like in such a situation. 

What labor music do you recommend?  Keep in mind that I like soft and soothing and transporting and ethereal....Enya-esque.  But I kind of want to know the song, in case my head wants to sing along.  So, kind of mainstream?  Whadaya got?!

3.  Thank you so much for all of your birth story submissions so far!  If I've failed to contact you somehow, and you still want to share a birth story as a guest post while we have a Heavenly Babymoon, feel free to send it on over -- just email me!

4.  This weekend will be our second attempt at having a successful yard sale.  Here's how it went last weekend:

It rained.  Eternally.  Downpouringly.  Sale-stoppingly. 

But this Saturday's forecast calls for sunshine, so here we go again!

5.  Today is AUTUMN!!  And a no-school day!  I could do a jig of joy!  (Not really -- no jigging will be going on here until the baby arrives.  The body just can't handle such hijinks at this stage.  But maybe it would spur real labor...Hmmm...)  In celebration, the girls and I are planning on making the house smell fabulous with Pumpkin Bread.  Yay!

6.  My latest book obsession, which I need you all to read, is one I'm sure you've heard about by now since I never come in on the ground floor on these type of things. 

The Hunger Games Trilogy

Yes, it is a young adult series I believe, but that just adds to my ability to breeze through it speedily, ignoring my daily duties.  It's remarkably good -- entertaining and thrilling and thought-provoking, while moving along at a really quick pace.  It's definitely kept me happy.

What are you reading right now -- anything good?

7.  I'm done!  I have a book to read!  Pumpkin bread to make!  Enjoy your weekend, my friends!

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  1. Mmmmmmm, pumpkin bread. Maybe Baby Boy likes pumpkin bread and that will be the thing to convince him it's time. =>

  2. You'll be having that sweet boy before you know it! Sorry, I'm really no help in the music area. I can usually think of a song, but can *never* figure out the name or who it's by...sigh.

    And I'm so happy to hear that you're liking The Hunger Games. Addicting, right?

    Enjoy your book, bread, and babes today!

  3. How are you going to do a yard sale if you ARE IN LABOR????

  4. well, after three kids, i have only experienced labour once (but it did last 32 hours...), and i realised then that music during labour wasn't my thing (which is weird because normally i have music on all the time) (mostly i just wanted to be able to fully concentrate on letting my husband know exactly how i was feeling at every moment and the music would have been way too distracting - oops).

    BUT if you want soothing and ethereal but mainstream-ish, try Beth Orton -- her more recent stuff. Some really good songs are Someone's Daughter, It's not the spotlight, and (one of the best songs EVER) Pass in time. As a bonus, she has possibly the best voice I have ever heard. But be careful, some of her songs are more in the trip-hop vein. Go for the more acoustic selections.

    (Can you tell I typed the first half of this comment while nursing a baby? Ha!)

  5. Music suggestions: Glee soundtracks are amazing

  6. I had Just Breathe by Anna Nalick on my last labor playlist... for obvious reasons :)

  7. Oh man, I was just talking to my mom and she was so excited to be going garage saling tomorrow - if only you were on the complete opposite side of the state, so she could go to your sale and Miriam could snatch up some of your girls' sweetness!

    And I keep hearing about The Hunger Games but haven't gotten around to it. Probably for the best, or then my to-do list would never be tackled!

    And ooh I can't wait til you have your baby!

  8. Loved Hunger Games. Movie coming out in March I think.

    Currently reading A Clash of Kings, the second book in the Game of Thrones series. Very involved, sprawling saga that is just fabulous.

    I am listening to a band called All Sons and Daughters right this minute. Christian duo (?) that is great. Very mellow music, peaceful, positive lyrics (well some lyrics are challenging but you know what I mean). I am loving it.

    Can't wait to come here and see that the baby is here!!!


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