Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pregnancy Update: The Drop-and-Squash Version

Since I know you're all dying to be privy to the condition of my uterus*...right?  Well come on over!  Let's discuss!  In bullets!

*Don't worry.  I don't think I'll use the word 'uterus' again.  My husband informs me that it is one of the most cringe-worthy words in the English language.  Vulgar, almost.  I'd hate to be vulgar.

:.:  Today marks 36 weeks.  Wonderfully exciting and also a bit frightening because Mia was born at 36 weeks.  Lauren made it all the way to her due date, so really it's anybody's guess what will happen from here.  But if you're a rooter, root for October, will ya?

:.:  In my second trimester, I was majorly uncomfortable on a daily basis with weird issues that make people squirm when I explain.  So I won't explain (again).  But the third trimester has really been a very comfortable time!  Sure, I'm huge and unable to pass easily through narrow spaces, but mostly comfortable. 

:.:  Until now, that is -- the braxton-hicks contractions are gaining in intensity.  Also, man is this belly beginning to weigh me down.  You know it's bad when I'd rather use my toes to pick something up from the floor than bend down to reach it.  Because there's no actual bending involved, just a drop-and-squash sort of technique that leaves me winded and sore.  Oh!  But it's great that I have two little darlings around who LOVE to pick up for me!  Swear it!  LOVE!  (Sense the sarcasm.)

:.:  On the up-side, emptying the dryer is nigh-on impossible.  I get to enlist the laundry-phobic husband's help, which he LOVES.  Swear it!  LOVES!

:.:  For my own records and to compare: With Mia, I gained 35 pounds.  With Lauren I gained 25 pounds, and lost a few pounds in the final weeks.  So far with the boy, I've added about 20 pounds. 

:.:  And because I need opinions to either help me freak out more efficiently or calm down more convincingly: Mia was 6lb 3oz at (36 wks) birth.  Lauren was 7lb 13oz at (full term) birth.  Everyone tells me that boys are bigger, and successive children are bigger.  Anybody feel like taking a gander at what this baby's birth weight will be?

:.:  Today is also the final ultrasound to give the doctor a measurement of how big the baby will be.  Really, I have trouble believing those estimates; I've heard too often about how far off they were, and it doesn't really change anything anyway, right?  I've got birth canal, right?  What will be will be.

:.:  No, I'm not really concerned with the baby's weight according to the ultrasound.  What I'm concerned about (and if you've talked to me in person during the past month, I apologize for being a broken record) is whether or not the baby is head-down and ready to go.  Mia was breech, and therefore c-section-born.  Lauren was allowed to be born naturally as long as her head was down and labor began spontaneously; this baby will have to follow the same protocol.  If he's breech, I'll have to have another c-section, and that possibility makes me worry for hours on end...I don't want another c-section.  So if you're looking for extra prayer concerns, I wouldn't mind a few 'head-down' intercessions winged up to heaven on my baby's behalf. 

:.:  Here's a fun bit: I'm down to two maternity shirts that will actually still cover the belly.  It's getting drafty over here.

:.:  Here's an overwhelming bit: We still haven't decorated the nursery.  I feel badly about it, because the girls' nurseries were all cute and bedecked long before this point, but it's not my fault.  (Swear it!)  Blame it on...something else.  I don't know what, exactly.  Let me know what you come up with...

:.:  I'm so excited to meet this little sweetheart-boy!  Still scared and nervous and yada-yada.  But excited!  We're in the home stretch!  Woot!


  1. If this helps, my girl #1 (41 wks) was 6 lb, 12 oz. Girl #2 (39 wks) was 7 lb, 11 oz. Boy (child #3) (41 wks) was 8 lb, 13 oz.

    Do you have those belly band shirt-bottom thingies that cover your belly without actually wearing a second layer? They're a lifesaver, and you can get them in a three pack at Target for like $10.

    Tell me about the nursery - because I love looking at decor stuff! Tell me colors, theme? Outer space? Jungle animals? I'll send you cute Etsy links! (If you want.)

    And I found not one, but two mei-tais to send you! One is a traditional long fabricy stretchy one, and one is modified with a little more structure. They're...washed! Which is totally the first step to getting them in the mail. So whatever you do, don't have this baby until after I go to the post office this weekend, ok?


    Hang in there, lil Heavenly! You and mama are doing great!!

  2. Oh! And I almost forgot - you have a proven pelvis!! Woot woot!!!!!!

  3. We just had our fourth 8 weeks ago, so I should have answers and guesses for you. But I don't! I'm just delightfully happy that your baby boy is almost here! I had forgotten how sweet and snuggly new babies were--no matter their size or how or when they arrive. Hope everything works out perfectly! :)

  4. First and foremost, can I tell you a million times over that you look AMAZING! BEAUTIFUL! a Stunning pregnant lady if ever there was :)

    Second, all 3 of mine have been born at 40 weeks, within a few days of their original due dates. (apparently my kids are more punctual than I'll ever be.) #1 was 7lbs even, #2 was 7lbs 10 ozs and I thought if we were adding 10 ozs each time I quit. #3, my BOY, was 7lbs 3 ozs. Take a deep breath, there is no definite formula. My mom's smallest and biggest were both boys out of 5 babies.

    Hope you are feeling as fantastic as you look, hang in there!!!

  5. My third (a boy) was a full 2 pounds (2 pounds!)heavier than either of his siblings. But he still came out just fine. And the damage to my, um, birth canal, cough, was no more than with my smaller babies. Will be sending head-down vibes your way! Hang in there!

  6. You look beautiful!! :) Prayers for a safe and vaginal birth, ha! :) Can't wait to meet your little man...

  7. Sending you many 'head down' thoughts and prayers!
    Great picture!!

  8. You look great, and I'm so glad you have such willing helpers! (hee hee) Seriously, I'm glad you're more or less comfortable. Here's to four more weeks and a head down baby boy!

  9. Hey so yay, so excited he's almost here...praying for Oct. of course (and head down too)! And ya know I've got a closet full of maternity clothes that you are more than welcome to over here...don't know if they are what ya need or not, but it's a perfectly good excuse to get over here for a playdate!

  10. P.S. I love that picture, you look fantastic!

  11. My girls were bigger than my boys - they were both 8 lbs 5 ozs. My firstborn (boy) was a week late and 6 lbs 12 ozs. My 4th and final (boy) was 3 weeks early - 6 lbs 8 ozs. Lesson learned? THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN PREDICT! Main thing is a safe (and hopefully quick) delivery! Many blessings to you!

  12. Head-down intercessions wung :)

    You look great!

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  14. Oh, lady! The drop and squat stage is not easy, but it seems like you're handling it in stride.
    Also, you don't have to have a C sections if he's breech -- you've just got to get a chiropractor {trust me} who is qualified in maternal care to flip him. Some midwives are good at it, too, but the chiropractor? Well, they can work their magic while you are in labor to flip baby boy like a pancake. :)
    You know where I am if you want to talk more about baby flipping. xxoo.

  15. I think my youngest sister was also the smallest one, so they don't all get progressively larger. Head-down prayers headed your way!

  16. Oh, and I was going to say (nursery-wise), it's the heat; blame the heat! When it's as hot as it's been this summer, everything must be the heat's fault! (But summer's on it's way out, I needed fleece pants tonight.)

  17. You are so so SO cute!!!!! I do hope everything goes as you would like it to.

  18. Other words of friend across the street had boy #1 maybe after her due date and he was 9 something I think. Number 2 (I don't remember if he was early or late or ontime, but I do know that she worked out religiously and didn't gain much and he was like 7lbs or something and she said he was out in a flash-bruised the poor thing he went through the birth canal so if anything else, Lauren has carved the way and if you keep on with your weight gain(or lack of) you should be just fine!

  19. You *do* look great! Wow! And, uh... wow! Seriously.

    I am so happy he's head down. Stay that way, okay, precious boy?!

    We didn't follow the successive-kids-are-bigger-at-birth pattern. Our oldest was what we call our monster baby at 8 lbs. 15 oz., E was 7 lb. 9 oz., N was 7 lbs. 14 oz., and Q was 7 lbs. 12 oz. So perhaps your sweetie boy will be an unscary, easily birthed... something :)

    Also, I feel the need to remind you that... I like you. And I'm excited for you! And after being blogging friends for so long and you cheering me on through TWO pregnancies, it's a treat to be able to do the same for you :) Lastly, I have a present in the works for Heavenly Boy and have been putting it off because I thought I had "so much time". But 4 weeks?! Yikes! Note to self: HURRY UP! :)

  20. You are so cute! I'm excited for you. :)

  21. My four were 6 lbs 13 oz ( girl - 12 days early), 7 lbs 12 oz ( boy - 19 days early), 7 lbs (boy - 25 days early), and 8 lbs 15 oz (girl - would have gone to term if I hadn't had to schedule a c-section). So... you may go 40 weeks because my last one was the only one who would have. Go figure. Anyway - very exciting. Don't worry about c-section; all 4 of mine were and all good experiences - especially the last one (again, go figure). You look great. Now - you know - if you decorate the nursery, you'll go full term - If you keep waiting, for sure that kid will want to be here (tempting fate and all that ;-).

  22. Oooh you ARE in the homestretch chica.

    The boys were only 1 pound 1 inch apart size wise.

    xo!!! You are going to deliver a happy, healthy, bouncing boy and I can't wait for your little family of 4 to become ... 5!!! :)


  23. Woot, woot...the home stretch. Oh, I remember those days.

    So...I'm not one to ask about size. I had one four day over-cooked boy who was 10 pounds and one under-cooked (3 weeks early) boys who was nine. So...

    I totally picked stuff up with my toes, as long as it's not food you're fine with it.

    And you don't look look beautiful. Trust me I gained 50 pounds with both're not big at all.

    Best of luck with everything wishing you an event-free, head down birth with an October birthday. Cheers to you!

  24. This was a fun post! I have to guess that your baby boy will be 7 lbs. 6 oz., don't know why lol... did you see if he was head down on the ultrasound? That's neat that you still have an option to deliver regularly; I worked for an OBGYN here in CA they are SO strict about letting anyone have a vaginal birth after a c-section.

    Sounds like you are having a very healthy and happy last trimester, God bless you and I will be praying for a peaceful, easy "head-down" delivery!


  25. You look radiant! And Justin has that prideful smile that says: "This belly contains my SON!"

    Best to you as you gestate for these final weeks and blessings for a smooth and peaceful birth.

    P.S. My boys were the bookends of my three: 5 lbs. 2 oz. and 7 lbs. 12 oz. Our bodies were built to birth babies of any size. You'll do beautifully.

    P.P.S. (flip, baby, flip!)


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