Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pregnancy Update: The 39 Weeks Version

So here I am, in a holding pattern, itching to know if this baby's labor will happen naturally -- without induction, because I'm not allowed -- or if he'll go for a few more weeks and require the dreaded cesarean.  As you can imagine, I'm a ball of what ifs right now.  Surprisingly, I'm finding tons of ways to keep my mind off the worst-case scenario, which is actually not terrible, just...less-than-desirable.

I'm cleaning and cleaning and cleaning.  And with all the cleaning, you'd think my house would be gorgeous by now, right?  Heh.  Only in small bursts, in small corners, and insofar as I can summon the will to reach the floor to do the job right. 

I'm finishing up my birth plan, which includes about one-third the amount of wishes and demands of my very first birth plan.  It's funny how my authority and expectations have fallen into something that includes more understanding and positivity.  I guess it helps that I've been through this twice now, so I know what needs to be stated and what can be left alone.  Like, Mother wishes to labor in her own clothing.  Because I've spent hours contemplating what on earth I could wear in a hospital that would facilitate delivery while adequately covering me, to no avail.  I'm at a loss. 

I'm compiling my labor and delivery playlist -- which is still open for suggestions, by the way!

I'm relishing the arrival of fall!  It means we get to play outside for hours on end again!  (And pose for torpedo-belly shots without having to edit out the sweat!)

But yes, in the middle of all that activity (which does not, you'll notice, include painting the nursery -- something we've decided is too much work for not enough reward), I'm afret.  A tiny bit afret.  (Doesn't 'afret' look tiny in and of itself?  No matter if it's not even a real, live word.  I like it.)

So distract me, please!  Tell me something funny or gross or...uplifting or encouraging.  Link me to your favorite blog post of the past week (because something I haven't been doing is keeping up with blog reading).  Whatever happens, keep me from worrying!


  1. I am still not sure how you manage to look SO DARN GOOD at 39 weeks! You're amazing! By that time I threaten my husband if he even so much as things of reaching for the camera. Truly, you are beautiful!

    I really like Dean Martin in labor, because he's gentle and easy to listen to, and very singable. A must have. I have also gone with Billy Joel, but I never pick anything harder than that because I'm already a little, ahem, hyped up. My midwives always dim the lights which lends itself to Sinatra/Dean sort of music in a *relaxing* type of atmosphere. This time I might have to go with Bust A Move, though... ;-p

    If you like Simcha Fisher you have probably already read her two latest on being pregnant - like "Signs you are in the third trimester" and "the grandmultipara pushes back." Funny stuff, I tell ya. Go to and prepare to laugh. Who knows, it might even get things moving for you ;-p

    Hang in there, and prayers for a quick and safe delivery!

  2. Alright, something distracting and funny. My 2 year old has been stripping of her still-hot daiper the minute she pees and demanding a "daiper-change!", but not just any daiper. It has to be one with Grover on it, if you attempt to use a big bird one, she will throw herself on the floor and shriek "grober one! grober one!" I seriously need to bite the bullet and potty train before the grober daipers run out.

  3. First of all you look GORGEOUS and I keep checking the blog everyday in anticipation of the big day!

    Something to distract you. Ummmm...let's see...I was running an errand for work and thought I'd be super cool and get one of those Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes everyone is so hyped up about and as I was getting into the car I spilled it down the front of me...HOT! So I stripped of my shirt in the parking lot and threw on a black gym-type shirt that was just randomly laying in the car threw my cardigan back on and nonchalantly went back to work. When asked if I changed my clothes, I denied everything. HA! Oh, and the latte was delish.

    Oh, and here's a funny link for you from The Frat Pack and Me...scroll to the VERY end of the will see the two that just made me giggle like a sixteen year old. :-)

    Hang Tough girlfriend...not much longer now!

  4. Just an imponderable - how does it make sense to put a school holiday on a Thursday? And expect people back on Friday? Brilliance in our school district.

    And a silly - my six year old told me she sleeps with her eyes opening and closing.

    And hope. My second came on her due date, exactly. After much false labor and fears of being induced (because I was with #1). My OB told me there was one thing that brought on labor. She and her partner had a giggle about it. So, you can try that.

  5. Don't be afret, aSarah!

    This morning I had a checkup at the dentist for my wisdom teeth... gaps. The dentist marveled at how well everything was healing. No, really; he called over a few people and had me tilt my head just the tiniest bit this way and was like, "Loot at the tissue in there! It's fantastic!" So: My mouth. It was MADE to have teeth removed. BAM.

  6. I agree, you are adorable. Even with that big ol' torpedo stickin' out. :) Gorgeous. I posted some fall inspiration on my blog -- maybe you'd like some of those links. :) I'll be thinking about'll do fabulous!!

  7. You look gorgeous chica.

    I have nothing to distract you, however I will do a gimpy preggy dance for you. Said gimpy dance will move you into labor within a day or two.

    I can't wait for this heavenly boy to come into your life. :))))

  8. You are beautiful!

    I just wrote yesterday about my confused baby feelings. So I don't know if it will adequately distract but I liked writing it.

  9. I am clairvoyant, and I am here to let you know that I bet you will have this baby before the weekend.

    And I second the Simcha Fisher suggestion. "Behold, my Suffering" is one of the funniest things I have read in my entire life:

    I'll be checking back to see how accurate my psychic powers are. Also, to find out his name.

  10. I LOVE your baby "torpedo!" You really do look beautiful.

    I am sorry that you are feeling all angst-y. That is hard and especially difficult to squash when you are pregnant and nearing the end.

    You can come on over and relish in your MAD parenting skills as you look at my "confessions" of motherhood:
    Or, read Kate's as they made me LOL for real:

  11. Oh, Sarah, you look so beautiful! You don't look afret at all! :) Can't believe you're already 39 weeks! I'm betting you'll have this baby before Monday. Heck, you may even be in labor right now for all I know! And really, with the third baby, they pretty much just slide out on their own. No worries. ;)

  12. Oh Sarah, you're so pretty! Really fresh and lovely -- I love this picture!

    I wish I had something wise or funny or distracting for you.

    Oh! But I saw something the other day that said (unless I'm misunderstanding) that Blogger's coming out with an app to auto-suggest content for you. Yeah, that's right, an app to finish your sentences and improve your writing. What do you think about that? It sounds so weird, but if auto-correct is setting the standard then THIS should be a riot!


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