Monday, August 1, 2011

Some Sweaty Hollering

Oh, you guys.  I'm so excited today!  Like, excited enough to go stand outside in the 102 degree midday sun this very minute, and shout for everyone to hear.  (Which is terribly excited, you know, because I'd rather clean toilets than be outdoors in this kind of heat with a belly the size know.)

But the reason I'm so excited is because Emily of Keeping Time fame is kicking off her new series called Scenes from Life and --- eeek! --- I'm her first guest writer!  I'm so so honored to be sharing a scene from my childhood over there today.  It involves an old, beat up truck, a deceitful Sarah the Heavenly, and a bit of a mess.  I hope you'll go check it out!

Emily's plan is to host monthly guest writers who are interested in sharing their Scenes from Life.  Something that sticks out in their memory and begs to be told.  Something that may have no deep meaning in the grand scheme of things, but that still makes them zoom right back in time to re-live it ad nauseum.  If you'd like to be a guest writer (and I'm hoping you will -- writing about something from my childhood makes me want to hear more stories from friends like you!), let Emily know. 

Then, stick around her place for some really good stuff.  Not only is Em the creative host of this project, she's also a fabulous writer, a deep thinker, a playful mother, and an encouraging friend.  She makes life beautiful in the midst of some truly stressful situations.  (Think: emergency evacuation from radiation-threatened, earth-quaking Japan, and survival of her husband's long deployments.)  She's all-around wonderful.

So head over to The Keeping Time to read my story!  (Eeek!)  And if you hear some happy squealing float across the sun-baked midwest, don't panic: it's just sweaty me, hollering my excitement.  I'll surely retreat into the blessed A/C, post-haste.


  1. Oh Sarah, you're so great!

    I'm glad you're coming over on Thursday because otherwise I might have to go outside, follow the sound of that sweaty holler and hug you. As it is though, I'll send you a virtual {hug} now and save the real thing for Thursday.

    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your scene! You're fantastic!

  2. so happy for you!! As always, you did an amazing job!!

  3. Oh cool! Good for you! I'm going to go check it out now!


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