Friday, August 26, 2011

Some Quickety Quick Takes for August

1.  Mia, while playing with her dolls, had quite a world adventure yesterday.  She recounted them to me, and I, being the ever-loving tattler that I am, shall recount them for you:

We ran all the way from Africa, so our feet are very tired, and we were chased by lots of animals (because Africa is FULL of animals) on our way to China.  But when we got there!  We realized that we were ALLERGIC to Indians!  And you know China is FULL of Indians.

We apparently have some work to do in both geography and politically correct assumptions.

2.  I know it seems really inconsequential, but one of the things that keeps me all bottled up and self-contained on my island comes in the form of not knowing how to find something.  So...can you help me? 

I want a good baby carrier and have no idea which type or brand or style to look at -- it's all so overwhelming.  Neither is an expensive carrier in our budget right now.  I have a pouch sling type thing that I got for free (excellent!) and it seems like a good one...but I know I'd like another option or two.  I've heard great things about Angelpacks, but can't afford to go that route. 

What do you think?  What baby carriers have been your favorite?  And how affordable are they?

3. While we're on the topic of help, here's another one:

I need to make a bunch of freezer meals sometime soon so we'll not starve once the baby arrives and I am no longer in possession of brain-power.  I have a small repertoire of recipes that work well frozen, but was hoping for some inspiration.  What do you stock your freezer with in preparation for a new baby?

4.  One of the only TV shows Justin and I have been watching this summer was Expedition Impossible on ABC -- did you see it?  There was a lot of mountain climbing and hiking and swimming and mind-puzzling, all in exotic Morocco.  Anyway, one team that continually impressed me consisted of one able-bodied-guy, a blind man, and another able-bodied-guy-turned-gimp halfway through the competition.  They blew me away with their ability to follow through on difficult adventures even though they had less manpower than other teams.  They were brave and encouraging of one-another and intelligent.  They'd done a lot of adventure-race-type things together and knew each other and trusted each other.  Really an awesome team.  They ended up in second place, which is amazing; a blind man and a man with a broken ankle STILL made second place.

But that's not my point.  My point is this:

Justin and I are about to enter another baby adventure.  We're a little nervous.  Mostly about the lack of sleep headed our way.  Oh, and braving the terrible-twos again.  And just all the logistics of adding a child.  But we work well together and we trust each other and we've done adventures like this before, surviving intact. 

He counts as the one able-bodied man; I qualify myself as the blind and the lame all rolled into one.  But still!  We can do it!

5.  I'm curious: if you live on the East Coast, how are you feeling about the approaching hurricane?  How are you preparing?  Since living through the tornado, I find myself constantly wondering how others prepare for disasters.  Assuming this hurricane will be a disaster, which isn't a stretch of the imagination. 

What's your plan?

6.  Yesterday, Lauren made a very clinical observation about my burgeoning belly and its map of faint purple squiggles:

"Mama?  When the baby is ready to come out, I think those cracks on your belly will open up and that's how he'll be born.  Right?"

Sometimes it feels that way; I've never felt so stretched-out before, and I'm certain there are moments when I can actually feel my skin stretching.  Ouch.

7.  I was so excited about our first opportunity to take snacks to kindergarten this week!  I've been less-than pleased with all the sweet, crackery type of snacks the kids eat every day, so I brought bananas.  The teacher assured me that fruit always ends up being a big hit with the kids.  And I love to be loved...and healthy at the same time.  At the end of the day, Mia said everyone really liked the bananas, which made her happy!  They were a success!  And healthier than cookies, which made me happy!

The next day, she came home and told me that the snack for that day had been cupcakes and fruit snacks. 

Sigh.  No banana can compete with that.

I'm out!  Have a fabulous weekend!  Stop by Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes!


  1. 2) I have a beautiful mei-tai that I'd be happy to mail to you. Want it?
    4) Burritos in individual wrappers, thick-chunky stews that can be speared with a fork, or anything that can be eaten with one hand while cradling a baby and standing at the counter top. Go for protein-and-carb dense - help counter that exhaustion by being sure to nourish yourself.
    5) Stupid hurricane. My legs are still shaking from the earthquake. We have flashlight batteries, wine, and a stash of surprise new Polly Pockets. Priorities, you know?

  2. Do you want to try a Baby Bjorn? I have TWO brand new ones, and there's no way I could use both at once! Wait, there is, if I had twins and strapped one in the front and one in back, but THAT sounds like a horrible idea and I don't want to have twins anyway, so do you want it?? I'll send it to you!

  3. 1. I adore the travels of little ones!

    4. I'm terrible about freezing things, but I found this site and want to try it. I found it 9 months ago. Still hoping... (it's full f freezer meals)

    7. I'm concerned about snacks too (though they brought their own to K last year, and don't have them is 1st!). Last night, I took snacks to our girl scout meeting - cheese and crackers and grapes. And then another mom plunked down two BIG boxes of cookies. Hooray. (actually, the girls ate both, so maybe there is hope?)

  4. I got a wrap from It is a moby style wrap and I loved it. I used it a ton up until baby was about six months, at which point I started using an Ergo instead. I got my Ergo half-price from via Facebook. I would absolutely buy both carriers again.

  5. Mia is so cute! Of course that's where the Indians are...right?

    Freezer meal ideas:
    Soups & stews
    Lasagna (of course)
    stuffed shells
    ANY casserole (ex. chicken & rice)
    red beans and rice

    Hope that helps!

  6. 2. I only have experience with two types of carriers, but I will say that I *loved* my Moby wrap especially when she was really little. They run maybe around $35? And Babies R Us carries them and maybe you could use one of those 20% off coupons they're always having? But I would totally go for the generous offers above first :)

    3. Lots of good ideas above - I second individually wrapped burritos!

    6. Wait, so how did you answer her? :)

    7. Oh I am not looking forward to that. I'm trying so hard right now just to only feed her good food from the start!

  7. Bjorn is what I used and it was sturdy. I still have it, but it sounds as if you have an offer. So I'll put my thumbs up of approval on the bjorn.

    We always have home made spaghetti sauce in the freezer. It is a must have. home made chicken noodle soup is a must, too. Did you know you can freeze chili as well?

    And bananas rule. You still win.


  8. 2. If I were to get another baby carrier I definitely do and Ergo carrier, but I think they are pricey. You might be able to find one on Ebay or Craigslist for reasonable price.

    3. Wish I could help you, but I'm a sucky cook. Sorry.

    4. My hubby and I were totally addicted to that show. I started crying at the end when they crossed the finish line. And you know what you two will do just fine with your new guy, no worries.

    6. This made me laugh. E told me that the doctor would use a big can opener and unscrew my belly to get his brother out. Oh, the things kids think...

    7. Way to ROCK the bananas. GREAT job mom! I'll have to remember that one.

    Well, have a great weekend.

  9. Carrier: LOVE LOVE my Ergo. When you pck yourself up off the florr form sticker shock start looking for discount deals. My hubby bought me one for #3 and it's th'BEST. ever. I loved my sling but with littles close together it became impractical.

    Meals: I have so many great recipes that I rely on faithfully. I think I might actually just write a blog post about it to save having the type them here. (sorry, they would take up a lot of room.)

    Hurricane: I know, I'm late, but I started out laughing and I ended up laughing. I am sorry for those who were worse affected, for sure, but they way ppl talk here in the DC area is ridiculous. You would think the world was coming to an end with each weather report. I did use it as an excuse to finally clean up all the toys scattered in my yard and hunt down the flashlights from their toddler hiding places.

    I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!! Hope you are feeling well!


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