Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bigger Picture Moment: Somebody Else's Snuggle

I hate to intrude upon somebody else's simple, beautiful moment, but since both of these people are my precious darling sweethearts, I'll just have to hope for forgiveness.

It was cloudy and hot and the humidity was swelling around us.  Since it was a good ten degrees cooler than it had been for weeks, though, we played outside.  The girls ran back and forth from the creek to the porch, flying over grandpa's lawn and creating their own cooling breezes.

Daddy found a better way to enjoy the evening: the hammock.

But racing with your sister on a hot summer evening can really take it out of you, y'know?  Sweaty brows, bright cheeks, worn-out legs...they all led her to daddy's side.

 And here is where I'm really intruding: daddy was quite grumpy this day, if I may say so.  Brooding and quiet, distracted and withdrawn.  Still, the beauty of a grumpy day...

is that it can all be turned around with a small snuggle.  It won't be cured, exactly, but it can be lightened.  Relieved.  Softened.   And I will submit, on daddy's behalf, of course, that a snuggle with his babyest girl is the perfect reason to not be grumpy at all. 

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  1. Aww what a sweet moment! Hope it did cure his grumps after all.

  2. little ones have such a knack for fixing bad moods, huh? My favorite pic is of the rosy cheeks.

  3. I love this big picture moment. What a beautiful picture of a moment she will never forget!

  4. What a wonderful, sweet, memorable moment. Those babies can fix nearly any grumpy goose.

  5. Awww! I love how snuggles can really help along a terrible day. {Also, Justin has to be brooding sometimes, you know, otherwise the jam sessions will fall a little lifeless. ... Jus' sayin.} :)

  6. Oh, yes, the Daddy in this house also loves a good snuggle!

  7. A good snuggle in a hammock sounds like the perfect solution to grumpiness to me. :)


  8. Hyacynth - Ha! I'll tell him that and it will make him laugh :) And thank you for making me see 'brooding' in an all new light ;)

  9. Ahh snuggles for the grumpies. It's a necessary prescription in our house too. :-)


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