Friday, July 1, 2011

Sports According to the Heavenly Girls

Mia:  Lauren!  Let's play baseball!  Do you know how!
Lauren:  Yeah, I do -- you just HIT the ball!
Mia:  No no no.  You don't just hit the ball.  You have to have someone throw a ball, and then another person can hit the ball before they run run run run around to one, two, three, bases.  All five bases.
Lauren:  Oh.  Hey!  Look at this!  My dress has a flower on it!
Mia: Oh!  That's so lovely!  Can I pick it?

It must be noted that this 'baseball' conversation was spurred by the Dora doll Lauren's been loving these days.  She's wearing a little pink skirt and shirt.  And holding a tennis racket.  Thus, obviously, she's known around these parts as Baseball Dora.  Try to keep up.


  1. Your girls make me so happy :)

    Your son is going to make Justin so happy :)

  2. So cute!! So I guess Justin isn't pushing tennis on your girls like Travis is on ours ha ha ha

  3. At first I thought, "Oh Mia, you're so sweet and silly," but then I thought "Wait a second, how many bases DO they have to run around in baseball?" Five sounds just as good as any. (Is that right?) (Or is it three?) (Or four?) (Is home plate considered a base?) (So, um, yeah, all right...)

    But anyway, the flowers sound pretty... :)

  4. hahahah!! So funny. They are going to have many sports lessons in their future, though, I bet. Little brother, most likely, will help in their knowledge.


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