Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Simple Summer Schemes: Scavenging

Although we've seen some daunting things outside this summer, we're still trying to get out there at least a little bit.  And to help encourage that (actually, to help encourage me), we needed a specific activity that would provide some distraction from the heat.

I've never put together a scavenger hunt for the girls, and they were SO excited to get started!  It has to be the easiest 'project' I've ever planned.  Really -- you should do a scavenger hunt today!

What You'll Need:
Uhm...nothing, really.
Maybe a bucket or basket or bag with which to collect your treasures?  But that's totally optional.

1.  If you have time, type up a fun list of things the kids will search for outside.  Otherwise, just jot down a few notes on a scrap of paper.  Here's what mine looked like:

I had a lot of spare fonting energy or something...

2.  After helping the little ones read the list, head outside!  Let them lead the way; I wanted to go directly down the block and search away from our own yard (can you blame me?), but they stuck close to home for quite a while.  (With faithful lovies in tow, naturally.)

3.  Some add-on options for making a scavenger hunt more interesting for older kids or more time-consuming on comfortable days could include giving them a camera and making it a photo scavenger hunt, or just letting them carry a journal in which they can draw a picture of each thing they locate.  You could also make it harder by being very specific with items for big kids to find: an oak leaf, a Japanese beetle, a parallelogram (what? It's possible...), etc.

4.  Here are some of our finds, over which the girls squealed and screamed each time:

Something purple!

A piece of fruit -- crab apples!


An acorn with a hat! (Yes, this one is a bit tiny, but still...)

Something fuzzy!  (They tried to use the dead rabbit for this one, but...)

5.  Oh!  And my girls particularly enjoyed checking items off the list.  Such a sense of accomplishment. 

The items we couldn't locate (animal tracks, a feather, a pinecone), we've agreed to keep our eyes open for to find another day.  Maybe on another scavenger hunt, which they're hoping to do again SOON!  They loved this one.

So what are you waiting for?! 

Get to scavenging!  It's Heavenly House approved!  (A blessing of the most sophisticated sort....)


  1. THANK YOU (and I'm all caps because I'm grateful) FOR THIS TODAY! I wanted a fun summer adventure and THIS is it!!! (yes it deserves three exclamation points)

    CUTE post, FAN-FLIPPIN-TASTIC idea. I will post my scavenger hunt pics later and give you ALL THE CRED if you say it is ok! :)


  2. So fun! On especially hot days I do the same thing inside a mall with my kiddos (obviously with a slightly different kind of list!) We use clip art to make the list so the little ones who can't read can see what they need to find. And it's usually required that I add a little box for checking off the items, because you're right, that's almost the funnest part!

  3. Great idea, Sarah! Thanks!

    (because, seriously, this summer is starting to feel endless...)

  4. Lovies have the keenest eye sight, don't you know?? We are totally doing this. Love it.


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