Friday, July 29, 2011

Just a Bunch of Random Sentences, Stacked

Kindergarten starts in a few weeks for Mia.

Preschool starts in a few weeks for Lauren.

I am 30 weeks pregnant.

We still don't have a vehicle that will hold all three children and their respective (gargantuan) carseats.

July has had an average daytime high temperature of one-hundred-and-seventy-nine degrees.  (Says Sarah the Meteorologist.)

And that doesn't include the heat index.

All students in the Joplin School District are receiving ALL of their school supplies as donations through our Bright Futures Adopt-An-Eagle program.

I cannot eat enough watermelon to maintain satisfaction.

But my belly looks like a watermelon anyway.

The swimming pool feels too warm.

I keep forgetting to shave my legs, and refuse to wear anything other than short-shorts with tank tops.

I do not forget to shave my underarms, thank heavens.

We have no baby boy nursery yet.

We are running out of time.

But the girls love the new 'playroom' that is the baby's future home.

I cannot see my feet.

I'm cool with that.

We found another dead animal in our yard: a headless, juvenile opossum.

We think it was decapitated by an owl.

Our floors have been re-floored this week, and BOY am I glad that's finished.

My pelvic bones are crunching together in a side-by-side grind these days.

I'm not cool with that.

Hence, the waddling.

I plan on making this sometime this weekend, and consuming it with zero assistance, whatsoever.

(Hence, the extra waddling.)

What's running, rampant and unedited, through your mind on this last Friday of July?


  1. Yes, being pregnant in this heat this summer would be tough. Hang in there! Hopefully relief is on the way.

  2. I've been massively pregnant during the summer too, and yeah, not so fun. Therefore:

    Enjoy the watermelon! ...And the lemon squares...

    Shaven legs are overrated.

    Please don't talk about decapitated opossums anymore.

    ....Or crunching pelvises.

    (As for the rampant thoughts in my mind: Red Robin burgers tonight! I need to order homeschool books... Laundry needs doing...:)

  3. I have your answer to the car seat dilemma (or at least, our answer). Google "Sunshine Radian car seat."

    Two of those fit along with an infant carrier/convertible seat in our Subaru. They're pricy, but cheaper than a car payment and wonderful for plane trips!

    Okay, now that the business part is out of the way ... Fluffy Lemon Squares?? I am equally bummed and grateful Romania has no instant pudding and Nilla Wafers. Have a square for me!

  4. Hmm. It's been over 100 degrees every day in July and almost every day in June; however, in contrast with last summer (when the highs were only in the lower 90s), I am NOT pregnant, so it is actually somewhat tolerable.

    30 weeks always felt like the biggest milestone to me! I love that part of pregnancy; when you are unmistakably with child, feeling lots of movement, yet not TOTALLY sick of being pregnant. (Or, maybe that is just me.)

  5. Stacia! Thank you for the carseat tip! I'm on it... (I'm also completely fine with having a lemon square in your honor :))

    Rebecca - Yes, the 30 week mark is kind of a harmonious one. I love being pregnant, feeling every move, but it's not all unbearably miserable as in 39 weeks :) But the heat...oh, the heat...

  6. Last Friday of July? EK! What is happening to our summer?!

    I think that if you cannot see your feet, you probably cannot see your legs much either, which means not shaving them is totally fine.

    Also, after last nights Facebooksation, John decided he wants to hang out with you guys for reals. Must find a way to make that happen. :)

  7. Watermelon: yum. Not shaving your legs: as long as you can't see gigantic hairs sticking out everywhere, you should be okay... lol. More dead animals in the yard: more anatomy classes for you kiddos!

  8. Very pregnant in July is horrible, I know! NEXT summer you can spend July saying, "Wow, it's hot! I'm so glad I'm not 188 months pregnant like I was LAST summer!"

    (I've been doing that for the past month.)

    Yay for new floors! Not so much for headless opossums!


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