Saturday, July 16, 2011

An Addendum to the Romance

Something else romance is after 11 years of togetherness?  Sarcastic.  And trouble-making.

Scene: Justin and Sarah are watching an episode of Smallville (oh yes -- they are serious fans) in which Clark has to say goodbye to the meteor-infected Lana.  He is rendered allergic to her, but fights his way through the anguish and torturous pain in order to kiss her one last, passionate time.

Sarah: *sighing with misty eyes; fishing for compliments*  Would you fight your way through impossible pain and torture beyond measure just to kiss me?
Justin:  *with deep emotion* Absolutely, baby.  A million times over.
Sarah:  *swooning*
Justin:  In fact, I do it every morning when you roll over with morning breath.  TORTURE.

End Scene.
Begin gut-punching.


  1. Such a punk! This SO something my husband would say- and there would much gut-punching fir him, too!

  2. Honesty. A great milestone in marriage. ;)

  3. I know it's disloyal, but this post makes me ridiculously happy! Oh Justin -- !!


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