Monday, June 27, 2011

Lauren the Clean-up Heroine

"Mama, I'm going to clean up the house before daddy comes home!"

She's found the floor-duster, and is smashing it into corners of the kitchen with destructive gusto; any cobweb (of which I am certain there are multitudes) won't escape the crush of her purpose. I agree wholeheartedly with her venture, and murmur my approval at appropriate intervals.

Soon, she's dragging a high kitchen chair across the floor to the back door. She climbs up, wavering at her sudden height, but undeterred. There are cobwebs (imaginary to her, but completely real to me) that need smashing above the doorframe. When that task has been completed, she's on to the window, scrubbing the duster across the panes with glee.

And narrating as she goes.

"You know why I MUST clean up this mess, because there was a TOR-A-NADO that broked everything. So, I'll fix it for you, okay? I need -- I need some glue to wipe all over it and then some heart stickers. That will work, okay? But...I still...I need to have some mustaches. OH! Pink mustaches and...I have some white mustaches if you like better...?"

I'm staring at her with joy and confusion and happiness. Glue and heart stickers, indeed. But I don't know about the mustaches.


  1. kis have the biggest hearts....she's a sweetheart!

  2. Isn't it incredible how they hear everything and try to come up with their own solutions?

  3. Pink mustaches? I'm sure that makes sense on some level, but either way, she's adorable!

  4. I love this picture, Sarah, but most of all I love your Lauren. Glue and heart-shaped stickers -- what an angel!


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