Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bigger Picture Moment: The Little Bird That Kept So Many Warm

I've been kind of a downer around here lately, huh?  All tornado, all the time.  And I'm sorry.  But I do trust that you'll just steer clear if you've had enough sadness and are looking for more positive things on which to cling.  Hopefully, I'll cheer back up soon!  Maybe starting today...but only in fits and spurts....

It's hard to say that any good has come from the recent disaster here, because that would feel like affirming the tornado as a...I don't know...valuable thing.  But no matter how much we all wish nothing bad had happened, the truth is that there are some amazing things happening in my town right now. 

Neighbors digging neighbors and their belongings out of the rubble. 

Strangers streaming in from near and far to volunteer their time and strength.

Friends across the country donating goods and money to help us rebuild and survive.

Boundaries of religion and politics and whatever else being dropped in the midst of such expansive need and love.

People we've never met showing concern for our welfare

Companies pouring resources and dollars into the middle of the devastation.

It's heartening and overwhelming and wonderful, really, to feel so cared for.  So loved.  Because love doesn't always mean the sweet, gentle, tender stuff.  It also means digging down into your soul to see what you can do to for those in need.  It means praying for the wellbeing of somebody you've never met, and being sad for their losses.  It means sharing their fears and reassuring them. 

It means sharing your hope.

'The thing with feathers, that perches in the soul' -- that gift of hope is also of love.  And because it perches there, sent by the kindess and generosity of others, we are kept warm.

That feathered, singing hope is sustaining this city right now.

And -- true to the poem -- it doesn't ask a crumb in return.

We're seeing the Bigger Picture through simple moments -- moments that force us to stop and take notice of the ways our worlds are important, meaningful, and beautiful. Please join us today at Melissa's place! Grab the button, link up and then go forth and encourage the two people before you while they are walking this journey of intentional living.


  1. Oh, this is absolutely beautiful..."feathered, singing hope" sustains each of us in the most difficult times of our lives. In my own mess, God is showing me that He can bring beauty from the ashes and, as much as I wish for circumstances to be different, I know He has something BIG planned for me and He has a purpose for this struggle.

  2. and the thing that's so....hopeful.... about hope? it *never stops at all.*

    here is a blog post on just this very thing i ran across today, and i feel moved to share it with you .....

  3. Keep writing it out there, friend. Keep laying it out there.
    This was a beautiful, beautiful post, Sarah.

  4. Oh Sarah, we come here because we love you, happy, sad, devastated or funny it's YOU we come here for and if you are hurting we are hurting and we want to hear about it. Please continue to share, to write it out to work it thorough...we understand.

    Hugs, friend.

  5. Don't ever apologize for sharing who, where and what you are. This moment? It is truth. And that's the part that matters. Sending you prayers for strength - and continued hope - as you and your community continue to recover and rebuild.


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