Saturday, May 21, 2011

Oh, Snap!

I have all these things I want to tell you about, but no time to do the telling!  We've been graduating preschool and visiting the stables and having picnics and growing babies and planting flowers and running through rainshowers and skipping naps and petting puppies and lounging at the library....

We've been having fun!  But is it still fun if there's no blogged record? 

Duh.  It is.  But only for us!  We'll be back soon to regale you with the history of now...


  1. Loved your post title! Glad you're so wrapped in fun you don't have time to break loose and write. I'm sure it's killing you.

  2. agreed! I'm having a hard time getting anything down because we have been so busy too!

  3. "But is it still fun if there's no blogged record?"

    It's so hard to remember that the answer is yes, isn't it??


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