Monday, April 18, 2011

Sappy Monday

Admittedly, I was lonely and cold on my side of the booth.  (At least I had my sandwich to keep me company...)

But if it isn't the sweetest thing in the world to have a husband who's adored and begged for by his dazzled daughters, I don't know what is.  They didn't give him much peace, between requests for hugs and tickles and help with lunch. 

The second sweetest thing is how little he minds being so desired. 

A good man may be hard to find, but he's awfully easy to love.


  1. That is so sweet. There really is a special bond between Daddy's and their daughters. I may be (mostly) grown up but I'm still a Daddy's Girl.

    I also like how the sign says "Liver" right above their heads!

  2. My girls crowd me in the booth, and to be honest, you'd think they would have enough of me. (I would love to eat my sandwich in peace.) Though they do like tickles and DADDDDDDDYYYYYY!

    It's awfully nice to have a good one around.

  3. Aw, that's so precious! And I love the look on his face - like the fearless protector/hero that I'm sure he is. :)

  4. Emily - I loved the 'liver' too, but mostly just because I thought it was funny that the photo cut off the 'de''s supposed to say 'We deliver!' Still...Liver is funnier :)

    Kate - It IS nice to be that wanted, isn't it? I think my girls have been extra-special needing their daddy lately: he's been triple busy with work and meetings and classes...blah. So when he's there, he's THERE :)

    Katie - Fearless, indeed! It takes such a man to be sandwiched between these girls!

  5. I totally agree!! And I never minded having my own side of the bench so that they could share that moment together. (usually, it was the only peace I got!!)

  6. "A good man may be hard to find but he's awfully easy to love"

    Now THAT'S a quotable quote! I might have to steal that one to write on one of Dave's birthday cards or something :) I would credit you OF COURSE ;)


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