Monday, April 25, 2011

A Pirate Adventure!

This weekend marked a lot of firsts for us.  Not only did the girls and I make our first out-of-town trip without Justin, which I'll talk more about later (probably), but we also attended our first ever Pirate Princess Tea Party! 

It was an entire day of fun -- not over-planned and hyper-scheduled, but flowing and easy. 

The scavenger hunt led to a treasure chest that was pillaged and plundered (in a sweet, orderly fashion), with loot scattered underfoot as the pirate-princesses searched for the perfect jewels.

Between these four particular pirates, there was an abundance of giggles, shrieks, and imagination.  There was also a smattering of shyness, which I hear is typical of only the most dainty and thoughtful of pirates.

Better still, there were plenty of opportunities for careful mess-making and jewel-gluing. 

This kept the daring (and creative) pirates busy for the time it took the scullery maids to prepare a feast.  And you know (don't you?): pirates require specific sustenance after treasure hunts and jewel heists. 

Their exertions need to be met with very....very...very cautious offerings.  After all, it isn't wise to anger a pirate, not even a delicate pirate-princess.

Tea and cupcakes were a fine reward for this band of hungry swashbucklers.  What's more, the pirate tea party turned out to be just what we needed to make our adventurous weekend a success.  

And to remind us why it's so good to have dear friends within visiting distance.  Even if they are pirates!


  1. I'm curious which was harder: braving the road between our houses or braving all those swords at the table? Either way, thank you so much for coming! You and the girls made Katherine's birthday feel so festive and special. I loved having you here -- snuggling with your girls and all our chats in the kitchen. Thank you SO MUCH for coming!!

  2. -----> jealous of the party my friend.

    "which I hear is typical of only the most dainty and thoughtful of pirates."

    yeah my pirates are neither dainty or thoughtful. the difference between boys & gals, eh? heh. (boys are crazy!) ;)

  3. Very cute! Looks like you girls had a great time!

  4. What a wonderful idea for a party! It looks like so much fun and well worth a road trip!

    (I wanted to write something pirate-y here also like "shiver me timbers" but couldn't figure out an appropriate segue...)

  5. Awesome! How funny-we played pirates this weekend too...maybe one day I'll post some pics -although not as many and not nearly as cute or fun looking as yours ;D
    Glad you girls made it safely and had a lovely time!

  6. what a great idea--never have thought about a pirate tea party! so fun! and great pictures that really captured it!


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