Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pieces of Our Easter

I wish I had pictures of the sunrise service -- always my favorite few moments of Easter -- but I don't.  

(Just imagine a cloud-covered sky at dawn, over a dark patch of center-city garden.  It's a labyrinth, and this time of year, it's blooming with purple iris: shadows along the path.  There is the occasional car passing by, but for the most part, the small group of gatherers is surrounded with quiet.  Oh, but the birds -- their cacophony rises by the minute, trying to drown out the sun's overshadowing presence.  Thus, the minister, her voice calm and smooth by nature, also competes to be heard.  By the end, with voices raised in celebration, the gatherers are bathed in new light.  Filtered by clouds that will threaten to wash the day away, but can't dampen the spirit of joy.)

What I do have, are photos like these: 

The dim sanctuary, filled with the choir's practicing harmony.

Little girls, coloring Easter pictures in Sunday School.  A new experience for sweet Lauren, fresh as she is from the baby-room!


Lauren, alight with the joy of candy sprinkles.  Oh -- and she also intermittently decorated a sugar cookie.

Mia, focused on completing the job with impressive haste; the better to EAT you, my dear cookie!

The day was washed away by rain, but we improvised with wonderful results.  All was well! 

The most exciting part of the egg hunt is sharing your loot with Grandpa.  Sharing scents, that is.  No candy passed hands in the making of this photo.

As if sugar cookies and treat-filled eggs weren't enough, we added a candy-laden pinata to the madness.

And if these girls were any more sweet in their holiday dresses, I would have passed out from over-exposure to preciousness. 

As it was, I merely passed out from exhaustion and the stress of wrangling two over-sugared cuties into bed at an early hour. 

Rain-washed or sugar-loaded or joy-centered, I hope your Easter was lovely, too!


  1. It looks (and sounds!) like a great day! Did you get through the sunrise service before it started to rain?

    Happy Easter!

  2. Sounds (and looks) perfect to me... even with the rain. The tin foil served as a great lighting tool by the way! :)


  3. Great pictures! Just think: next Easter you'll have a chubby baby on your hip! :D


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