Friday, April 15, 2011

7 Ways Life Has Been Funny Lately

1.  I'd say that Justin and I discourage name-calling in general, although we've yet to really encounter it at home.  The concept of name-calling, though, must reside deep within our ever-lovin' souls, because Mia's doing her best to come up with some whoppers.  Upon being told no for something immemorial, she turned on her heels, planted her fists on her hips, and glared (with a tickling grin around the edges of her pursed lips) in my direction before spouting out this gem:


Her grin won the best of her, and she pivoted again, hair flying as she made a dramatic exit.  I tried to muster up some indignance, I really did, but it was all too funny.

2.  Lying on my tummy, taking the last half of her 'nap' with me, Mia listened to the gurgles and plops happening in my post-lunch abdomen.  Determined to stay quiet and restful (naptime isn't just for the littles, after all), I listened to her hum and sing under her breath.  All was well until she made me laugh.

Mom!  I hear the baby splashing around in there!

3.  After I finished the cheetos and peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich that were part of my lunch yesterday, I rewarded myself with an orange popsicle. 


I ate all of my baby carrots, too, so I deserved that treat.  (Eating like a kid can be fabulously fun sometimes, you know?)

4.  Everything with Lauren is funny, really.  I wish you could hear her chuckling through this window.

5.  Mia: Mom, you just have to come play outside tonight with us, okay?
Me: Sorry, cutie, I can't.  I have a meeting to be at in just a few minutes.
Mia: *great, wracking sigh*  Party foul!

6.  Cats are so immodest.  And pliable.  And also cute.  But that's my plant, and not my cat.

7.  While not exactly funny, in a ha-ha sort of way, I think this is funny in an isn't-life-amazing sort of way:  I am a scant 14 weeks pregnant, and I've felt the baby move every day this week.  Tickles and taps, reminding me not to forget: this life is amazing

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  1. This life IS amazing. I commented on two of those captures on your 365 so I'll go ahead and tell you that the pic of Mia on your belly (napping) is JUST too precious.

    PS. I ate a peanut butter & strawberry preserve sandwich today. Cause I roll with the old school kiddo lunches occasionally, too. Great minds must think alike.

  2. love to read about your amazing life, thanks for a window to your lovely world.

  3. Oh, I love this today! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Cheetos, carrots, orange popscicle.. are you having a color craving? :)

    Congrats on feeling the baby move, that is truly the best part of pregnancy in my opinion.

  5. Smiling so much reading this blog entry, Sarah. And squuuueeee! for baby moves. :)

  6. Your girls are too precious!
    This baby has been "making" me crave cheetos and pb&j, too! It's always okay to blame the children!


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