Friday, March 18, 2011

Walking: In Captions

She'll hold his hand without question -- with everyone else, she demands independence.

A hill is not a hill, when the air is warm and breezy and the sun is nearly setting.

Is a stranger's flower any less beautiful because I had to sneak across a yard to photograph it?

Is a stranger's ancient barn any less gorgeous if we've never noticed it before, yet walked this way countless times?

This may be the world's tallest stump...

Better than any stroller, Daddy's shoulders carry the weight of memory and glee. 

One of the good things about walking with a toddler is all the opportunity she provides to stop; look; notice things.  And to prod them with a gnarled stick. 

The way home.  The path of peace.  The trek of spilled-energy.
The last burn-off of the day's hectic pace.  Thank Heaven for spring!


  1. Lovely. What is it about little girls with their Daddy that is always so beautiful? When I see pictures like these, or my own family together, calling God our Father finally comes home to me.

  2. Oh! I think Lucy said it best :) Love the pictures, Sarah!

  3. Isn't it funny. You don't really "see" unless you have your lens to show you the magic and splendor in the ordinary. That barn is divine. Perfect for a portrait shot up close. The faded and crackling paint, wooden door, the cracks. It has oodles of character. And then the flower... I've been known to do the same thing. Also that very first picture, combined with your words is just precious.

    Happy Weekend to you Sarah!

  4. I love the barn! And Lucy's comment!

  5. Such great photos - captured memories in the making - little traditions that you will remember for years - when the air starts to get warm - it's a little breezy - you hear kids laughing.... You'll think of your wee ones even if they're grown :-). So sweet. And I agree with Alita - the magic and splendor in our ordinary, wonderful lives...

  6. You capture these beautiful moments so well!


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