Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Meant to Do That

I didn't skip my shower yesterday morning...I was just trying to conserve water.  And shampoo.  And razor blades.

I also didn't send the kids out to play so I could have some quiet time to myself...I was just trying to foster independent play.  They are endlessly creative until I'm around: then they require constant entertainment.

I certainly didn't feed my children boxed macaroni and cheese for lunch simply because I had an unhealthy was just that we were out of the usual lunch suspects.  Calcium and carbohydrates are important nutrients, after all.

I didn't wear a low-cut shirt yesterday because I'm beyond thrilled with my new pregnancy decolletage...but because I've fallen behind on laundry.  And really, this shirt didn't seem so low-cut last month. 

I didn't haul a screaming toddler out of the library yesterday...I politely escorted her.  She was almost contrite after a delayed time-out.

I didn't spend unnecessary hoards of time yesterday researching the earliest detection (by the mother) of fetal movement.  It was vital to my sanity because I swear I felt this baby only 10 weeks.  (Which seems to be possibly, according to my highly scientific research.)

And I definitely did NOT forget to make my bed....I just intended to wash the sheets.  Tomorrow.


  1. You're pregnant!!!! Congratulations! I have days like that with a few less solid excuse. Perhaps the hub should be laundry fairy?

  2. It's totally possible at ten weeks. Plus, you know the feeling now, so baby could have bumped against you. :)

  3. love it!
    I'm going to steal some of these lines!

  4. Of course. I'm only wish I lived so intentionally. ;)

  5. :)
    I love all the things you didn't do! I didn't put Diego on for a lot of the afternoon... just to regain my sanity after a silly morning...

  6. I don't doubt that you could feel it already. It seems earlier and earlier each time for me. I say you should post a monthly belly pic for us all to see!

  7. Hyacynth's right: You totally know that feeling, so if you think Heavenly Baby said hello, I think he/she did :D

    So sorry about the library incident... Library meltdowns rank among my top 5 fears ;)


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