Friday, March 11, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday, #onemillion

1.  Welcome to the internet, Jellybean! 

2.  Please keep my friend Megan's baby Haley in your prayers.  She's 7 weeks old, and in the ICU for some frightening lung infection issues: RSV and pneumonia and a few other unnecessarily heaped-upon worries.  Hold them close with me, please?

3.  After talking with my friend Emily and being awed by her bravery at putting her computer away for all of Lent, I've come to some conclusions.  First, I worry that I could never do without the internet for such an extended period of time.  Second, it's sad of me to admit that fact, yet do nothing to change it.  I struggled with my honest use of the internet for work and social reasons, and my lazy habits of obscure, time-sucking waste.  So, after much thought, here's my Lenten plan:

4.  I will only use the internet for the few hours the girls are in preschool, and at their naptimes.  I will only allow myself on the internet in the evenings if Justin is otherwise occupied.  I will only check Facebook once per day. 

5.  It seems like a lot more complication than a sacrifice should entail, but I think it will work.  Even though it may be more confusing than simply giving up the internet altogether (because I do rely on it a little bit for my work commitments), I'm optimistic.  It feels good to say that this is not my priority, and that other aspects of my world -- God and family and life -- are more important.  That those things are worth unplugging for for much of the day.

Plus, it's helping me be more productive with my few allotted hours of internet time.  I know the things I must accomplish, so I can't waste time reading nonsense articles and surfing blogs for fun (as much as I enjoy those things). So if I'm a bit absent from your comment boxes this Lent, please forgive me!  Not that I have much of importance to say anyway, but I know I miss your voices if they're not around for awhile.

6.  I see some serious future hijinks in this photo.  Serious.  These girls are going to pack a whopper of a fun, crazy punch, and I'm glad that I get to be their mom for the duration of the craziness. 

7.  And now my cyber alarm-clock is going off.  (Whoa -- honestly, it is: the neighborhood tornado siren just started sounding.  Weird.  Only a test, blue skies abound, but weird.)  So tell me -- what are you up to this weekend?

Have a beautiful Friday, and head over to Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes!


  1. aww, love ultrasound pics! Good luck with the internet limitations. Your friend and her baby will be in my thoughts. I love that pic of your girls.

  2. Ah sweet baby!
    How scary for your friend and her little baby! Will definitely pray!
    I share some hesitancy in giving up the internet, but I love the parameters you have set up for use! Good job!

  3. Congratulations on Jellybean!! I can already tell he/she's gonna be a cutie, just like his/her sisters. =>

    PS: Check Facebook only once a day?? You are amazing!

  4. Oh my word, I LOVE the picture of Mia and Lauren. Yes. Hijinks. They are so very awesome :)

  5. congratulations on Jelly bean. I only check facebook once a day and post a quote or thought. I need to be careful how much time I spend reading blogs though!!

  6. My Lenten sacrifice is pretty much the same as yours. Internet only when kids are sleeping and Husband and I are doing our own things. I know it will be good for the family.

    Great shot of the girls--mischief is imminent. ;)

  7. Yay for first baby pics! I'll miss you, Sarah. But I know it's important to have this time during Lent to get our hearts prepared for the gift of Easter. :)


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