Friday, February 25, 2011


Mia: Dad, have you ever had perfume squirted in your eyes before?  (I have no idea how this thought entered her head.)
Daddy: Yeah, I have.  Didn't feel very good.  But it wasn't perfume, it was cologne. 
Mia:  What's that?
Daddy:  Girls wear perfume; guys wear cologne.  They're really the same thing, though.
Mia: I think your provolone smells pretty, Dad.


Hear no evil....(when will a drive throught the car wash become less than terrifying?) 


See no evil...(oh the drama of a five-year-old and her affronted imagination.)


Speak no evil....(simply because her mouth is too full of frosting to protest.)

Happy weekend, my friends!!


  1. My van is extremely dirty from the daughter refuses to let me go through the car wash!

  2. Oh, the car wash! We stopped going all together when I grew tired of climbing into the backseat mid-rinse to console and frantic Henry. But what's a busy mom to do with mid-winter filth building up on the family wagon?

  3. Too cute!!!
    Hope you have a great weekend, too!

  4. The car wash! I remember loving it as a child, but it is a place of fearful torment to my daughters as well.

  5. Oh, Mia...provolone! That's fantastic!

    I remember *loving* the car wash when I was a kid--much older than LJ though--but until you posted that photo I'd forgotten about them entirely. I don't think either of my girls has ever been through one. How is that possible? Although, judging from Lauren's expression, I'm thinking car wash adventures are better when you're seven anyway...

    But, oh my goodness, that sky! You must be having some gorgeous weather in MO lately! Lucky!


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