Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bigger Picture Moment: A Walk

Welcome to Bigger Picture Moments!  These are simple things -- thoughts, photos, memories, projects -- that have made up our days and helped us reflect on the unique ways in which our lives are unfolding.  Please feel free to link your own post below, so we can share in your simple moments: your Bigger Pictures.

:::A Walk:::

It was 8 degrees, and we went for a walk.  (Well, can you blame me?  After yesterday's post, you couldn't imagine I'd be able to keep myself away from him for long, right?)

It was impossibly bright out there in the country.  My parents' road was passable, and on the 4x4 crawl to get there, I couldn't stop staring at the glittery white stuff.  So, we walked.  We bustled the girls into the house, and scrambled back outside, just the two of us.  The snow was a blanket: swooping and sloping, draping and hanging.  Oh -- and piling.  Huge stacks beside the road, as yet un-blackened by nasty, wintry sludge. 

Besides slipping over patches of ice and tripping over my own boots, it was the best date we've been on in a while.  Two birds were dancing in a frozen, leafless oak sapling, trilling a musical twitter-eet, twitter-eet, and I could swear they were our own accompaniment. 

Our ears, covered in felt and wool: frozen.  Our noses, red and dripping: frozen.  My hot pink, thickest socks slipped down to my arches over and over, making me hang on the crook of Justin's arm and expose my ankles to the hard air so I could fix them again. 

He kept urging me home before he lost feeling in his cheeks, and then stopping me to notice something beautiful.  A 'hidey-hole'. 

The glimmering, frozen creek. 

A haggard, windblown fence.

The head of a legless mailbox.

A meandering set of fox tracks (maybe).

If I'd been told, as a teenager, that my idea of an amazing date would be a walk on a freezing, snow-crusted path, blocks from my parents' house...

I would have laughed.  I'm glad I know better now. 

Your turn!  What were your simple moments this week?  Your Bigger Pictures?  Share them here, and be sure to visit others to spread the love!


  1. I took a walk alone after the aftermath of our blizzard it was lonely. I would have much rather had Nick to cling on to as my feet sunk into deep drifts. This is such a sweet testament to your undying love for your man. What a gentle love story. Eclipsed only by the thought that we could have ever thought differently about romance. And eternally grateful for the simple, bigger picture that is real and true love.

  2. Fun and very sweet indeed! Love the pictures, Sarah!

  3. Wow. I think some of the best dates I've had with my husband is just spending time together...walking, sitting on the couch...

  4. Great post today, I think I need to take the hint and find something to do with my sweetheart to let him know how very much he means to me. Thank you for sharing.


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