Friday, February 11, 2011

7 Quick Snow Joys

1.  Last weekend, we took advantage of the miserably beautiful amounts of snow on the ground, and went sledding with the girls for the first time, ever.  Mia was in packed-powder heaven from the the word GO.  For the past few years, she's been a little unsure of the snow: crying over the cold, bored with the white, angry with the wetness.  But this year is her year, apparently. 

2.  Her giggles and squeals covered the hillside with sweet joy.

3.  Alternately, Lauren's cries and screams covered the hillside with sheer terror.  She was at the top of the hill and absolutely refused to come down on the sled despite her desire to be near me -- at the bottom.  We assumed she'd love the trip down to get to me as long as it was taken in Justin's arms....but we were wrong. 

She roared with as much fear and anger as I've ever heard her express.  (If you click the picture to enlarge it, you'll see her crying eyes...poor thing!)  We didn't try it again, and she later said Mama, I will just do the sled when I'm a little bit bigger.  THEN I will love it.

4.  As if trying to top Lauren for volume of descent, my mom came down soon after.  She's so funny.  I don't know how to describe her whoooops and yaaaaahhhhs without also providing a soundtrack, but here's a good example: people have been known to decline her company in scary movies because her screams are so piercing and sudden.  That's also what she sounded like as she laughed her way down the hill.  Half exhilaration, half anxiety.  My mom is the coolest.

5.  Also cool?  These shades, on this hubby.  And those sun flares across the photo aren't bad either, huh?  I have no idea how that happened.  Maybe his coolness is just so pervasive....

Nah.  Never mind.

6.  Oh, Mia was cute.  I was so happy that I had cool-guy up there to assist and climb and push all afternoon while I took care of the tender Lauren at the bottom of the hill and took way too many pictures.

7.  And now that we've squeezed every last drop of enjoyment from this winter, I'm beyond ready for spring!  Green!  The rainbow colored world!  Natural WARMTH!  I'm ready. 

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  1. you can never take to many pictures! I love the one of your mom it looks like you had tons of fun.

  2. aww, i can't wait to take my babes sledding:) we have the slow, but they're still wee...

    happy weekend!

  3. It does look like fun, although I would enjoy watching the fun from a warm house with a hot adult beverage even more. ;) And yes, bring on spring!

  4. I can't get over all that snow! And sledding looks like fun! I'm glad you guys are enjoying all these wintry days, but yes...spring!


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